Vampire Coffin


Introduction: Vampire Coffin

About: I'm Kozmic Blues! I'm always thinking and looking for new things to do. I also love Rock music and I usually mix both things to do my own accessories or clothes. I hope you'll enjoy my projects!


- Carboard box
- Old newspapers
- White glue
- Acrylic paint
- Silk paper

I made this coffin for a gothic friend's birthday. I thought it would be a great idea to make a handmade coffin and then fill it with some spooky goth things.

I used a pattern of a coffin that I printed. I drew the pattern on a cardboard, I cut it and I built it up. When the coffin was ready I started to cover it with newspaper strips and white glue (mixed with water) to make it stronger. Finally I painted it. Then I glued the silk paper inside.

Now I want to make another one for me!



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    Didn't think that a vampire would like a coffin with a Crucifix? ;P

    9 replies

    Hahaha wow! I never thought about this detail!!!! My god I'm a vampire killer!! Thanks for the observation... I think that my next coffin won't have a crucifix...

    you could do an upside down cross (the sign on the devil) vampires would like that

    Yeah, this is a great idea! Sure they would prefer and upside down cross than a normal cross.... So silly, but I never thought about this detail...

    not many people would, i am just a little OCD about details in art and i try to be helpfull

    Well, that's great! You're really been helpful. Thank you very much. BTW, I am a little bit OCD too lol.

    Thanks! It will be very useful.

    I'm still surprised that I never realized that after seeing and reading plenty of vampire things!

    Ahh, you're just too young, when you're 700..800 years, it'll come naturally ;P

    LOL You're right! See you in 500 years maybe :p