So my kid like so many now, is into Vampires.  She recently got a Vampire Doll and wanted a place for her to sleep.  Therefore I just had to make her a little coffin.

I did this out of stuff I had laying around the house.  Some scrap cardboard and paints mostly.  It did not cost me anything because I already had the stuff.  But if you had to go buy the stuff if might cost you 5.00 to 10.00.  Depending on what you need.  The most expensive thing I used was some Gaff tape.  But since hubby is an entertainment rigger, we always have this laying around, but a roll of it costs about 15.00 for 60ft.  Needless to say I did not use anywhere near that much.  You really can use any tape you want, from masking to duct.  The paint I used is just acrylic from the local craft store, it costs a few dollars a bottle.

Step 1: Measure Doll

Measure your doll.  You will want plenty of leg and head room.  Especially if you decide to add a velvet pillow later.

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