Picture of Vampire Doll Coffin from cardboard
coffin supplies.jpg

So my kid like so many now, is into Vampires.  She recently got a Vampire Doll and wanted a place for her to sleep.  Therefore I just had to make her a little coffin.

I did this out of stuff I had laying around the house.  Some scrap cardboard and paints mostly.  It did not cost me anything because I already had the stuff.  But if you had to go buy the stuff if might cost you 5.00 to 10.00.  Depending on what you need.  The most expensive thing I used was some Gaff tape.  But since hubby is an entertainment rigger, we always have this laying around, but a roll of it costs about 15.00 for 60ft.  Needless to say I did not use anywhere near that much.  You really can use any tape you want, from masking to duct.  The paint I used is just acrylic from the local craft store, it costs a few dollars a bottle.
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Step 1: Measure Doll

Picture of Measure Doll

Measure your doll.  You will want plenty of leg and head room.  Especially if you decide to add a velvet pillow later.

Step 2: Cut out top and bottom

Picture of Cut out top and bottom
Draw an outline of your coffin.  Mine was 12" on side then 3" in at an angle on top, 2" across the very top, then 3" down at an angle again, then 12" to the bottom, and 5" across.
You will need to cut out two of these using a square if necessary.  I did not have a square so I used a clipboard that I knew was square and placed it on the straightest edge of the cardboard and then held my ruler against it for getting a clean edge to start with.  Draw out your design with a pencil and then cut with utility knife.  Be careful and keep fingers away from the cutting area, which is the edge of your ruler.  A good thick plastic or metal one works best.  Make sure to cut cardboard on a cutting surface, I use a big piece of wood.  But you can use a cutting mat if you have one.