A step by step guide to hunting and destroying the undead lords of the night.
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Step 1: Vampires

Vampires are bloodthirsty and cruel undead creatures who prey on the blood of the living.

They will suck blood out of the veins in your neck, kill your beloved, and generally make a mess of things with your blood all over the nice carpet.

And thus we need to hunt them down with extreme prejudices to ensure our own survival, and for fun and possibly profit.

This instructable will guide you through the basics of vampire hunting and before you know it you'll be able to bag yourself a bloodsucker just like buffy the vampire slayer or any other of those beautiful feminine slayers.

Step 3: Garlic is a girl's best freind...

Garlic is very powerful for repelling vampires (and anything else with a nose), and so is the pinnacle of importance for aspiring vampire slayers.

You may want to try tanking up on garlic filled food before setting off, try for example a nice garlic studded pot roast or dab a few drops of eau de garlic on your tasty exposed neck.

Either way- take at least a few bulbs with you on any hunt unless you want to end up as vampire food.

Step 4: And Rinse!

As we all know from countless horror flicks, holy water goes through vampire flesh like beans through a goose, and thats what makes it so useful.

Throwing holy water on a vampire is the equivalent of chucking mr yuck on a kitten, not a pretty sight.

Nuff said, you can get this stuff from churches and apparently conveniently bottled on the internet.
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i may have te word gaming in my username but dont let that foll you ill make every

vampire pay for what thay have done to me

do any vampires live in menomonie Wisconsin

I've always wanted to be a vampire but everybody tells me they don't exist

midnight5552 years ago
Not to burst anyones bubble or anything but most of this is complete nonsense. REAL vampires are not killed when they go into the sun some of the REAL vampires are slightly light sensitive and may get migraines if they are in the sun too long and holy water will not kill them it will just get them wet and probably annoy them. Fire will burn them, bullets will kill them and stabbing them through the heart will kill them like it would any normal HUMAN being. Vampires do not have to kill innocent humans to get blood in fact it is very easy to get blood without hurting anybody for example you could go to a restaurant and order rare or medium-rare steak as they contain quite a bit of blood and REAL vampire slayers do not kill a vampire as soon as they have spotted them. They will only kill a vampire if it has killed someone else or tried to drink their blood. One of my friends is a slayer and they have never tried to kill me in fact they have been very helpful in helping me find blood without having to kill or bite anyone. If anybody has any questions on vampires or vampire slayers i would be very happy to answer them just message me and i will get back to you asap.

So your a real vampire huh prove it but i must say i'm very curious about it tell me i want to know more about you and what you speak off names Reese

I, myself, am a half-vampire. (as in human mom/ vampire dad.) In my years, I have learned civiized, even POLITE ways to feed off of humans. First, you must have a willing volunteer. Then, you do not even bite their necks. You simply bite their wrist and drink from there. Some might argue that this does not give you good blood. Thos vampires are wrong. Try it with your hunter friend. BTW even I keep a wooden bokken to protect myself from the evil ones.
You are so very true. In fact most of us vampires get blood from donators.
johnd1323 days ago

how dumb are some of you ,vampires may be stronger faster and agile than humans but still have weaknesses of them thats why they stalk their victims but most try not to kill vampires are not immortal they just age longer eventually if they do not get killed die their bodies stay the same and decompose just like humans to turn you must drink the blood of a vampire werewolves like me have the same lifespan as humans they are stronger faster and better senses than a human but are still killed the same just like vampires although we are stronger in a pack the alpha is always stronger like me werewolves dont turn full wolf unless they are a very powerful alpha. The only vampires that are immortal is the original 13 jesus and his 12 deciples

Everyone that has ever said they were a vampire they are lying but that is not me sayng they arent real. they are 100%. but all of the people who think they know about vampires they are wrong crucifixes,holy water,garlic,silver dont work and if sunlight really did kill them do you really think that there would be any around today, they dont have transformation powers or super strength they arent even pale but one thing i can tell is all the people who truly beleive in vampires like i do dont stop because the world will always need hunters but one thing that people dont really understand is that the world needs vampires too

couldnt have said it better.

Seriously i was researching about Vampires....
Are You really a Vampire???
At least someone believes and knows. bloodsucker420 is somewhat correct on some of that. To tell more about this. When we are in the sun for long periods of time. we will get very bad migraines. And we aren't able to live forever like in the movies. I don't like the fact that vampire hunters kill us vampires but someone has to keep this world in balance.
And yes we can't transform, but we do partially inherit some traits of the animal we do respect the most. This is the most I can really say about this topic though. But good luck to you hunters. Because us vampires won't let you kill us so easily.
read the night world series. apparently, there has been a leak in vampire info.
RunaD2 months ago

the part about us killing your family is a lie....... :'(.

i what to be a slayer

i heard that their is a lot of vampire and werewolf hunter right ?
you all fool human never kill us ..... If you want to know come to cambodia to find us , you will know soon ,,, very soon ..... all of this kind of hunter is just a coward with a toy weapon and never face the true of us .

can you make me vampire too

ok ill be there if your asking for it
can someone kill me! im tired of being a vampire.

no, please do not kill yourself, I'm an immortal who is being like a vampire with bloodlust but still more immortal being.

if any thing is to see reactions to this beautiful world. you can do everything possible just believe, you must believe in yourself and see the beauty of who you are. haha :) that die if you can take a million years? 're tired already? I carry little so and is very beautiful to be a magical being. do not miss this opportunity, you're more important than everyone.

Malefor6 months ago

A simple conventional weapon should be able to take out any vampire provided they cause severe damage for vampires are more durable than humans. A bullet to the head works fine. I wouldn't hold back against flamethrowers or explosives either.

L1ght2410 months ago

I will find each one of you and send you all straight to hell

pyro136 years ago
What if i want to become a vampire? Make an instructable on how to find them?
You guys have no idea how to track a vampire, or kill one do you? Well for a start, yes, cutting its head off would kill it.. but it'd kill you too..and you DONT have to cut its head off to certify death. Garlic or holy water? Get real. Don't bother with a hammer and a stake either, you have to remember Vampires are a lot faster and a lot stronger than humans. I would suggest using silver bullets. Also effective on Werewolfs I've been there... Trust me on this one. Hope it helps
what have you got agenst werewolves?!!!!
I'm a vampire and werewolf mix too
Silver doesn't do anything against this Werewolf. Works great on the rest of the pack, but not on me. Care to guess why?
um cos ur not really a werewolf ur just some sad little man curled up at home with a laptop
O.o wow no one knows a true vam,pire or met one have them?seriously...>.> and if had met one its most likely they would of rid your mememberie but im lucky ya see some guys canfall for me..XD human or not human XD i have that way :3 i guess im good at casting spells?XD yet i dont know spells lollll XXXDDDDD
really lucifer, you say on how to kill us, intresting
yeah, alot of that stuff doesn't work, execpt bullets and stuff like you said.
very nice, i have been in situations of wich i did not know what to do i.e black magic. when did this happen to you?
O.o umm you know thos movies mock the real vampirs right and the vampires ik get mad when i bring thos up...XD they allso got mad at first when i said dont make a mess when feeding XD e.e i prob shouldnt be here lol...e.e
Dear 'Lovelyvampys46'

Smith and Jones would like your take on Vampires. We are not hunters but researchers.

One question we have been debating is the rise in Vampire Interest in the last few years. We study many beings that have and have not crossed over from the spiritual to the physical plane.

Is there a spiritual component that enables the transformation or is it soley a matter of life forms reproducing within the confines of our physical world? .

One other question...Where does the spirit of a Vampire go when the body is no longer able to function. Is it possible, that as matter is never destroyed-just changes form, so spirits can never be completely destroyed, just forced to take on other forms. This would make sense when looking at spirits as units of energy.

'Remember to duck'
Smith and Jones

it is not a good idea, but i will
you want to become one of us?, maby you should learn more about us before you go saying that
well then tell me :P
your serious arnt you, well rather than to be talking in the open, contact me make the subject vampires so i dont throw it away ok?
i want to become one of you too...
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