Vampire Hunting For Beginners

A step by step guide to hunting and destroying the undead lords of the night.

ステップ 1: Vampires

Vampires are bloodthirsty and cruel undead creatures who prey on the blood of the living.

They will suck blood out of the veins in your neck, kill your beloved, and generally make a mess of things with your blood all over the nice carpet.

And thus we need to hunt them down with extreme prejudices to ensure our own survival, and for fun and possibly profit.

This instructable will guide you through the basics of vampire hunting and before you know it you'll be able to bag yourself a bloodsucker just like buffy the vampire slayer or any other of those beautiful feminine slayers.

ステップ 2: Stakes not steaks damnit!

The most important vampire killing tool is the humble stake.

A stake, (not to be confused with a steak) is a piece of sharpened wood that must be driven through a vampire's unbeating black heart in order to kill it.

see the pictures below for more information of the right kind of stake for the job.

ステップ 3: Garlic is a girl's best freind...

Garlic is very powerful for repelling vampires (and anything else with a nose), and so is the pinnacle of importance for aspiring vampire slayers.

You may want to try tanking up on garlic filled food before setting off, try for example a nice garlic studded pot roast or dab a few drops of eau de garlic on your tasty exposed neck.

Either way- take at least a few bulbs with you on any hunt unless you want to end up as vampire food.

ステップ 4: And Rinse!

As we all know from countless horror flicks, holy water goes through vampire flesh like beans through a goose, and thats what makes it so useful.

Throwing holy water on a vampire is the equivalent of chucking mr yuck on a kitten, not a pretty sight.

Nuff said, you can get this stuff from churches and apparently conveniently bottled on the internet.
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RunaD は言っています: 9月 14, 2014. 10:20 AM

the part about us killing your family is a lie....... :'(.

sk8rman13 は言っています: 9月 11, 2014. 9:36 PM

GODDAMMIT PEOPLE!!!! For the last time, just because you listen to MCR(My Chemical Romance) Doesn't mean you are obsessed with blood, death, are depressed all the time, or are goth and or Emo. I am a skateboarder, ballroom dancer, straight A student, Guitarist/lead singer, and gamer. And I happen to LOVE MCR. They are not emo music as many people think. They're songs are actually very meaningful. If people actually knew what the songs were about they would not think this. But thank you for the instructable. Very Informative.

FredJ1 は言っています: 9月 6, 2014. 5:09 PM

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analinda.orlickas は言っています: 7月 28, 2014. 7:33 AM

i what to be a slayer

bspeck1 は言っています: 6月 11, 2014. 4:16 PM

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bspeck1 は言っています: 6月 11, 2014. 4:16 PM

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bspeck1 は言っています: 6月 11, 2014. 4:16 PM

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bspeck1 は言っています: 6月 11, 2014. 4:16 PM

Hi Everyone,This was how me and my BF become VAMPIRES i got a guy from the internet called Mr Marc who was a VAMPIRE so i told him that me and my boyfriend would love to become VAMPIRES so he asked me of my Name ,Country, Age ,State , address and asked me to pay the sum of $250 to send me his blood which i did immediately and in the next 3 days i got the blood sample through the DHL which me and my boyfriend took in the blood into your body and in the next 30 minutes i turned into a VAMPIRE so if you interested in becoming a VAMPIRE kindly contact his email address today (JANEASHLEY333@GMAIL.COM)

Malefor は言っています: 5月 3, 2014. 11:47 PM

A simple conventional weapon should be able to take out any vampire provided they cause severe damage for vampires are more durable than humans. A bullet to the head works fine. I wouldn't hold back against flamethrowers or explosives either.

L1ght24 は言っています: 1月 27, 2014. 3:45 PM

I will find each one of you and send you all straight to hell

Silverbound は言っています: 8月 3, 2013. 12:59 AM
Nice one. My Chemical Romance is good (well was good before they broke up)
kdrago は言っています: 4月 24, 2013. 10:32 AM
not all vampires go around drinking random peoples blood... if you see one or suspect one or been told that someone is DEFINATELY a vampire why kill! i personally get blood donor to lend me blood so try not to kill them...
lemonie は言っています: 12月 2, 2012. 1:44 AM
Do you know what this symbol: (C) means?
Or what "Reproduction Rights" are?

Vampirehunter は言っています: 11月 24, 2012. 7:13 PM
Acualy barely any of this is true you kill a vampire with bullets and swords/axes.
Vampirehunter は言っています: 11月 24, 2012. 6:34 PM
I am a real vampire hunter and I know the garlic thing is not true.
tigerinsideme99 は言っています: 11月 22, 2012. 4:55 AM
can someone kill me! im tired of being a vampire.
john+dc は言っています: 7月 16, 2014. 8:23 AM

no, please do not kill yourself, I'm an immortal who is being like a vampire with bloodlust but still more immortal being.

if any thing is to see reactions to this beautiful world. you can do everything possible just believe, you must believe in yourself and see the beauty of who you are. haha :) that die if you can take a million years? 're tired already? I carry little so and is very beautiful to be a magical being. do not miss this opportunity, you're more important than everyone.

tigerinsideme99 は言っています: 11月 22, 2012. 4:54 AM
tht doesnt work, you know tht right. but very creative
asinclair3 は言っています: 11月 11, 2012. 4:58 AM
ok the comments are becoming more exaggerate. i just stumble open this just to read. and here i am. seriously guys? grow up not vampire or werewolf. is just human with extra ability that give by god. thats all. talk is bullshit give facts or video or pictures that would explain everything -_-. haizz....seriously grow up
fthompson3 は言っています: 10月 5, 2012. 10 PM
vampyres have an odd disposition when it comes to feelings. there may not be misery or depression, however i know of none who have not at some point questioned their emotions and pondered why they feel the way they do. i hope you people understand that your toying with others lives. our lives are just as important as yours, and killing should never be excused due to belief that we are evil. if you realy think your speculations are correct, why dont you try and kill a real vampyre? i can bet you wouldnt be left alone after such an act of violence. we arent looking for a fight, and im sure you think what your doing is fun, but im guessing you have a pulse like everyone else, which means your about as fragile as wine glass. i dont believe that fighting solves anything, im very open minded and kind if you get to know me, but i doubt any of us are going to stand there and let you drive a steak through our hearts. we wont be eliminated without a fight, and neither would you, so please think things over before you go hurting innocent people. were very well hidden, and chances are youd get the wrong person.
slayerforvampires は言っています: 9月 23, 2012. 4:39 PM
iv been a vampire slayer for a while and ushaly do my job pretty god i now most demons but something really is weird iv had many attacks by this same kind of demon it quit strange it carrys a sword with werid kind of jems im really stumped here and this thing bit me it was kinda sore but gone now no mutatin affects so i think im good but theres like 5 of them at atime im pretty stumped and when ever i slaye one it comes back i need to kill these bitches and with all your talent it seems like you can help please help im in need of it
Charles+ressum は言っています: 9月 6, 2012. 1:55 AM
i heard that their is a lot of vampire and werewolf hunter right ?
you all fool human never kill us ..... If you want to know come to cambodia to find us , you will know soon ,,, very soon ..... all of this kind of hunter is just a coward with a toy weapon and never face the true of us .
STEALTHXOMEGA は言っています: 1月 9, 2014. 7:02 AM
ok ill be there if your asking for it
Avinasht1 は言っています: 7月 26, 2014. 4:42 AM

can you make me vampire too

Nothingmore95 は言っています: 8月 7, 2012. 1:54 PM
I would like to become a vampire.. Pm me soon anyone
Agnogris は言っています: 8月 11, 2012. 10:42 PM
Wherefore would you WANT to be a vampire? I ask you, does my reply show in the chat? I have little knowledge of these things.
hunter798 は言っています: 7月 27, 2012. 6:26 AM
please, i need help, I am a vampire, I need help with a cure, help me, I do not want to spill any blood
13blazez は言っています: 7月 30, 2012. 8:29 PM
theres no known cure but you dont have to spill any blood "kill any one" were not all like the staryo types people say you only realy need to feed once a month just learn to control your cravings i now its hard but it will get easier just feed when the person is sleeping they will not feel a thing just dont kill them you only need to take a pint or 2 when your done feeding lick the wound and it will heal in a matter of seconds good luck on you forever lasting life ps im a vampire to and STAY AWAY FROM VAMPIRE HUNTERS!!!!!!!!1
HuntBTVS123 は言っています: 8月 3, 2012. 2:34 AM
There is no cure, you are gunna fight it at start and then it will take you over. Go to a medium or sorcerer, they can help. Hurry before you harm anyone.
DELETED_PatrickStar は言っています: 7月 25, 2012. 12:59 PM

I am looking for REAL vampire hunters (or demon hunters in general that also deal with vampires) from which I could learn more about this and share experiences and who might in the long run be willing to provide me with tips or training. I want to add however that I am myself quite familiar with the topic and its mythological, spiritual and factual background so I will be able to recognise the difference between a real vampire hunter and a poser/story teller. As I mentioned in another post I am quite capable of distinguishing between fact and fiction.
So if there are any REAL vampire hunters willing to converse with me (I believe most of you shun publicity for fear of being ridiculed or attacked) reading this please post here or write me a PM. Thank you.

13blazez は言っています: 7月 30, 2012. 8:31 PM
you think you now vampires like me you now nothing were not the solle killer every one says we r but we do kill in self defence so if you even think about killing a vampire ill find you
slayerforvampires は言っています: 9月 23, 2012. 4:56 PM
you do relize that if you are a vampire you are a sencless killer like what patrick star say unless you have gone thourght the jurny of gitting you sole back and even thought you still would be unhuman and iv only meet one vampire that got its sole back but i killed it because its my job so it seems as if you are a fake
HuntBTVS123 は言っています: 8月 3, 2012. 2:31 AM
Hi PatrickStar,

Since recently I have becoming a Vampire Slayer . I have all the weapons and even been training twice a day, four days a week. However, need to know more and you seem like the person that can help. Email me if you can help -
Emeraldeveningstar は言っています: 9月 14, 2012. 1:01 AM
Dear PatrickStar, I am hopefull you may have knowlege beyond my own, and well I sort of screwed something up ..which may or may not?? have caused my current problem. You say you can distinguish the bs from the real, so I am hopefull you will be able to see I am the real deal.I recently built a new home( so no one has been here the land was farm land and the town its self has only existed for 50 plus years I did the reasearch. so appart from it possibly being indian territory, which local tribes say it was not. I cant blame the placement for the current problem. I have been to a clairvoiant( she was legit I tested her as Im always sceptical of any whom charge for thier help) said with no knowlege of my move etc that I was on some sort of cross convergance..a nexus for a better lack of name. I happen to be a heritary solitary( well two currently now)witch. I come from a long line of ancestral magic, we were mostly healers and seers,my abilitity tends to lie in the seer side , although I also have the ability to tap into the other side, aide in led meditation for past life regression,and have preminitionary skills, Im also very versed in spell craft. I help people that come into my path for a varierty of reasons and with no personal gain..I am attempting to right past wrongs when in past lives as I did walk a dark path.I find I am tempted by this when I run out of options..and in helping one particuallary needy person I opened a gate in the upper attempt to send this persons particular negitive energy( as I was unable to bind it I tried everything)I had never turned to black arts only studing them..I admit I was desprete. I did it alone..with no other living beings help. What I didnt count on was something coming back for what I sent beyond. I have been plagued by emf my new home lights sputtering microwaves going on and off taps going on and off..I have had it speak in other people voices calling out to them only for that person to not be present or phone! this has happened to myself my dad a roommate guests in the home ramps up if I open gates.. call corners etc.however it didnt do this in the begining. It first began with everyone in the home waking up exausted we became ill easily like we slept but didnt. I had particualary bad dreams and even woke screaming ( something that has never happened to me prior) I would dream there was a unformed shifting preasence above me I couldnt yell for help even though I was screaming it felt as though it was sucking my air and life essence from me parillising me. I had finally began to acknowledge that something had gone wrong when I brought in a beautiful bouquet of flowers the next day upon waking they were like freeze dried on thier stems, this happened to any plant I brought into the home.when I woke at night I would wake from my dream twice, the first thinking I was awake I would see a black shifting form at the top of the stairs outside of my bedroom and then I would scream and wake myself up for real I was breathless. After this time period, other things began happening to others, anyone that would come to my home it could mimic,electical things began happening, I alone at home one eve had a doll with no batteries say something to me. I spent that night at my parents. three years have flown by,as I live in the rural parts animals have began to gather in my space, and I mean like sleep outside my bedroom window( several deer, first year they were bucks the next a doe gave birth under my window to twins..this year another and twins again..also a bear visits twice a year and was back sleeping on my deck) Im not sure if this is related but ravens and crows also gather in front or on my roof) its sort of weird actually and town folk havepointed it out as strange...of course rumers of me being a witch stir..but Im not so sure its solely that..I began thinking it was some sort of vampiric entity, and Im not sure how to rid it from me or the home or both?? there is not alot on itand there seems to be a plethoria of beings it could be? and Im not sure how to tell it appart...pluss I keep drawing my line in the sand with it becoming corporal, like when I came home and all the doors on my dresser were open..I left they were fine with the same person I came home with and there they were ..and they said " NOW WILL YOU DO SOMETHING" my moms frantic thinking my lacadasical attitide with its presence will get me possesed or something?? I dont think it can do that actually?but it has started tossing things small things but just the same its unerving. Im thinking it wont hurt me because it hasent so far, and quite frankly I dont want to make it worse and piss it off or something.Do you think you could help me or put me onto someone that has a little more knowledge than myself. anyone real reading this anyways?Thanks very much.Emerald Evening Star.
Ps I have tried clearing and it ramped up..( pissed off Im thinking)and also asking it to not frighten me has helped a bit.
jaredfairbanks は言っています: 7月 13, 2012. 2:37 PM
vampires are undead..not sexy land seductive like twilight potrays them,there hellish blood sucking demons that have no respect for human life and are meant to cleansed.
tronic+dreams は言っています: 6月 28, 2012. 8:02 AM
i have been hearing rumors coming from shirelysburg PA that there are groups of vamps, some of these rumors are saying that they are killing in the woods they do not say anything in the news because every person that goes in there does not come back now these are rumors dont hate because i am saying this i just want to know what is going on if someone is out there could you tell me what is happening please.
Lelee21stCentury は言っています: 4月 22, 2012. 2:08 AM
To vampire slayer... I am interested...could u train me? I mean thru emails. skype, phone calls?? I live in U.S. I have seen some things in my life. I do know from religion experience that demons are real and they can possess the living and dead sinners to become vampires. I know that fasting, praying, buying filter water and olive oil and praying over it or have a priest / pastor to do it to become holy water and holy oil to be one of the necessessites to have in killing an demonic vampire. Also the stake method but I would like to know more..or learn more by an experience vampire hunter...anyone that is ....I'm not in this for games... I have seen and spoken to several ghost in my life, seen an quick deliverance service over an demonic person in real...e.t.c.
VampireHuntress は言っています: 6月 14, 2012. 1:38 PM
My friend has a group if you would like to be part of it. I know its a little late to say this but you can e-mail her at if you'd like to. Just remember no age required they will train you personally or over skype
Lelee21stCentury は言っています: 6月 16, 2012. 6:51 PM
Thank u Vampire Huntress:)
VampireHuntress は言っています: 6月 17, 2012. 7:43 PM
No problem.
HuntBTVS123 は言っています: 8月 3, 2012. 2:37 AM
Its been a couple of months since you asked about training and hoping u could train me,
smithy0016 は言っています: 4月 20, 2012. 10:50 PM
if u really want to see a vampire, and i mean really! find highgate cemetery in london england is almost a certainty. rcently there has been an increase in sightings and many pets and even a young woman have been reported missing in that area.
Smithy0016 (hunter in training)
poofrabbit は言っています: 4月 15, 2012. 7:02 PM
OMG I stumbled on this, LOVE IT!
vampslayer は言っています: 4月 9, 2012. 3:39 AM
my job is a vampire slayer in germany iv fought a vampire i will tell you the the whole story first i got recruted then i was asign in a mission.when we where near the river we saw 2 vampires i got my silver sword but to late1 of my team mates died but good thing we have potion (secret)sorry i cant tell you but good thing he survived (end of the story)
FASTARASTA は言っています: 3月 28, 2012. 12:52 AM
i think im a vampire i have sharp teeth and i can seee invisbla clowns please help i need you heres my number 0800-TWAT
FASTARASTA は言っています: 3月 28, 2012. 12:49 AM
your all high !
DarkAngel1907 は言っています: 2月 18, 2012. 4:47 PM
Idk if getting bit will work, so yea. If there is any other way. plz help. =P
DarkAngel1907 は言っています: 2月 18, 2012. 4:26 PM
Hey ppl I was just wondering how does one become a vamp. I have been in love with them forever, not bc of twilight, that was just stupid. I just want to know.
VampireThumper は言っています: 1月 31, 2012. 9:01 AM
I have been searching every possible explanation to a few questions I have come across over the years as recent as last year my eyes began to glow in the night almost resembling a cat and my eyes are usually hazel-amber and they change to a lighter and darker shade along with the seasons but every 3-5 yrs on my birthday my eyes turn grey. My skin is almost always cold and my blood type has changed approximately three times since my birth in 1992. I have tried the taste of blood three times in my elementary yrs out of curiosity with a few friends. We all tasted our own and each others to see if it tasted any different. My next question leads to an ability I had as a child to change my own eye color at will that I no longer have or maybe I just no longer know how to do it. I remember I used to do it to show my mother and and old teacher the teacher believed she was hallucinating where as my mother initially thought I was possessed but realized I wasn’t when I had the ability to speak in tongues (Religious). I also have vision and my cycle almost always occurs in the night and when its a full moon I either start my cycle or it is counted 28 days from that day. I also have DejaVu almost commonly and I have vivid dreams that almost always come true. If anyone could give me the slightest explanation that I could use for to just give me some sort of logical reasoning I would appreciate it.
bloodsucker420 は言っています: 1月 16, 2012. 2:16 PM
Everyone that has ever said they were a vampire they are lying but that is not me sayng they arent real. they are 100%. but all of the people who think they know about vampires they are wrong crucifixes,holy water,garlic,silver dont work and if sunlight really did kill them do you really think that there would be any around today, they dont have transformation powers or super strength they arent even pale but one thing i can tell is all the people who truly beleive in vampires like i do dont stop because the world will always need hunters but one thing that people dont really understand is that the world needs vampires too
shadowbuilder2761 は言っています: 10月 1, 2013. 12:59 PM
At least someone believes and knows. bloodsucker420 is somewhat correct on some of that. To tell more about this. When we are in the sun for long periods of time. we will get very bad migraines. And we aren't able to live forever like in the movies. I don't like the fact that vampire hunters kill us vampires but someone has to keep this world in balance.
And yes we can't transform, but we do partially inherit some traits of the animal we do respect the most. This is the most I can really say about this topic though. But good luck to you hunters. Because us vampires won't let you kill us so easily.
khenshaw5 は言っています: 10月 28, 2013. 8:19 PM
read the night world series. apparently, there has been a leak in vampire info.
Angel-of-Death は言っています: 12月 23, 2013. 4:51 AM
Seriously i was researching about Vampires....
Are You really a Vampire???
RunaD は言っています: 9月 14, 2014. 10:28 AM

couldnt have said it better.

thevamphunter は言っています: 12月 28, 2011. 4:52 PM
Only if they are forced to. I am a hunter and have been through generations of my life. If you don't understand then I might as well tell you what I am. I am an immortal an ancient type of man that has connections to life and death. We have the ability to be reborn as another person. Every memory remains intact from our other lives. I have killed more vampires then any of you ever could wish to. I haven't killed any in this life but I am thinking of returning to my old ties. I am thinking of returning to my duties as a hunter.

-The Legendary Hunter
midnight555 は言っています: 12月 26, 2011. 11:15 AM
Not to burst anyones bubble or anything but most of this is complete nonsense. REAL vampires are not killed when they go into the sun some of the REAL vampires are slightly light sensitive and may get migraines if they are in the sun too long and holy water will not kill them it will just get them wet and probably annoy them. Fire will burn them, bullets will kill them and stabbing them through the heart will kill them like it would any normal HUMAN being. Vampires do not have to kill innocent humans to get blood in fact it is very easy to get blood without hurting anybody for example you could go to a restaurant and order rare or medium-rare steak as they contain quite a bit of blood and REAL vampire slayers do not kill a vampire as soon as they have spotted them. They will only kill a vampire if it has killed someone else or tried to drink their blood. One of my friends is a slayer and they have never tried to kill me in fact they have been very helpful in helping me find blood without having to kill or bite anyone. If anybody has any questions on vampires or vampire slayers i would be very happy to answer them just message me and i will get back to you asap.
shadowbuilder2761 は言っています: 10月 1, 2013. 1:02 PM
You are so very true. In fact most of us vampires get blood from donators.
khenshaw5 は言っています: 10月 28, 2013. 8:17 PM
I, myself, am a half-vampire. (as in human mom/ vampire dad.) In my years, I have learned civiized, even POLITE ways to feed off of humans. First, you must have a willing volunteer. Then, you do not even bite their necks. You simply bite their wrist and drink from there. Some might argue that this does not give you good blood. Thos vampires are wrong. Try it with your hunter friend. BTW even I keep a wooden bokken to protect myself from the evil ones.
bangeldemon は言っています: 11月 17, 2011. 4:40 PM
=.= k you ppl just went off from vampirs werewofls TO FKING ANNOYIG ZOMBIES ZOMBIES ARE 100% NOT REAL!
Sharkywerevampire は言っています: 10月 23, 2011. 6:50 AM
smithy0016 は言っています: 4月 20, 2012. 10:42 PM
absolute bollocks
paperairplanecreator は言っています: 10月 13, 2011. 3:04 PM
silly nerds, vampires don't exist.
iwillfindallofyou は言っています: 6月 11, 2011. 12:10 PM
All of you are fools. You speak as to impress someone. All of you are children reading books that glorify false hoods of reality. Stop making a mockery of true beings. If you all are what you say you are, YOU WOULDN'T MAKE IT EAS FOR US TO FIND YOU! So do the world a favor and stop pretending to Vampires or Werewolves.
Alexis423 は言っています: 8月 20, 2011. 11:13 AM
I just wanted to get up top so vampires who ever made this are not will not do not look like that. I have observed one upclose she is very lil blood thirsty.
Sharkywerevampire は言っています: 10月 23, 2011. 6:52 AM
i'm not pretending. i am telling the truth. honest.
and i will find you!
smithandjones は言っています: 10月 28, 2011. 7:01 AM
Dear 'iwillfindallofyou'

You do not leave room for doubt about your intent. Today I came across this site. Smith and Jones are not hunters but researchers. Being older and believing 'A man must know his limitations', we prefer to catalog and collect all info. We value the old learning lifestyle.
Or maybe, we'r e just lazy, slightly cowardly and don't care and understand that a percentage of humanity will die due to interactions with beings who have crossed over from the spiritual to the physical planes.

We would be interested, from time to time, getting your take on this or that.

'Remember to duck'
Smith and Jones
bangeldemon は言っています: 11月 17, 2011. 4:19 PM
umm .-. i know vampires?and one feeling raped me?>.> and i allso met one when i was a lil girl who rid my memeberies T~T but my strong will got them back XD
Charles+ressum は言っています: 9月 6, 2012. 1:50 AM
you just dont know
therealvampire は言っています: 5月 31, 2011. 5:47 PM
yall dont kno wat u talking bout not being mean or anything but if a vampire that wasnt born is thristy the thrist dosent hurt them at all it just makes them easier 2 tick off, they do get sunburn BADLY but if they use sunscreen their fine untill it wears off then they in trouble. also i do believe that if a vampire gets holy water thrown at them it wont them unless they a full vampire then yes it will hurt them but a half breed or a unborn vampire it wont hurt them. but if u were truned and the vampire who made u left u then u should find a full vampire and have them teach u the ways of the vampire also crosses dont hurt them or burn them or do anything 2 them but the ones with jeaus on them do trust me ive seen it and yes hunters do want 2 kill all vampires something about being evil and i think its dumb but hey they do what they want when they want am i right? NO IM NOT A VAMPIRE I ONLY USED THIS NAME CUZ I COULDNT THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE IM A FULL BLOODED HUMAN WHO ISNT A FEED BAG!!!!!
hope this helps ppl and plz the humans who want 2 become vampires dont from what ive heard and seen its a hard life, BYE ALL THE GHOULS OF THE NIGHT AND BYE HUMANS (hehe im a human 2)
Sharkywerevampire は言っています: 10月 23, 2011. 6:53 AM
u be crazy, but i agree
VSlayer2011 は言っています: 12月 20, 2010. 3:59 PM
Is it true that vampires will kill their own kind?
neo-sky は言っています: 1月 22, 2011. 6:53 PM
they will if they have to like in the new lost boys movie
Lovelyvampys46 は言っています: 5月 14, 2011. 10:45 PM
Yes, very often. They are often thrown off track by their keen senses. hope I could help. Love you :) Lol
Sharkywerevampire は言っています: 10月 23, 2011. 6:57 AM
i have a boyfriend whose a vampire and he killed a really evil one by piercing its heart with an antler. it was funny.
Dmitri+Lakove は言っています: 12月 16, 2010. 11:12 AM
Hello children. Not to squash your hopes and dreams of whatever, but you've got it wrong. I doubt that there is one true vampire here because if there was they would know the facts.
The truth is that holy water, crosses, garlic, stakes and the like have no different an affect on vampires than they do on humans. A stake through the heart will kill a vampire the same as it will kill a human. Garlic does nothing but give vampires bad breath. These are just assumptions created by the Catholic Church many years ago to give people hope in believing that they can hold their own against vampires. Old vampires of the time were hardly ever real and went along with these stereotypes to get the hype up and to get publicity.
Today, we know that a vampire still has the upper hand because attack is less common and gives the vampire the element of surprise. They are material and there is no magic involved. You can see them in a mirror and the whole nocturnal thing is another thing done for dramatic effect.
Something scientific that is from the origin of these fake assumptions is that sunlight does have an effect. A vampire has a very high UV A and B count therefore being in the sun for a few hours can make them a little woozy or weak. The same thing happen to humans except it just happens faster for vampires. Emphasis on the HOURS; vampires will not instantly go into agony when coming into contact with the sun.
Unlike in the movies, there is no blood lust all the time that brings a vampire to murder all the time. It is much like the hunger of a human. After a certain period of time they just get hungry and the only difference between humans and vampires on that aspect is what they have to take in to satisfy their needs.

Hope this helps, and if you have ANY questions, please feel free to comment and I will do my best to answer,
Lovelyvampys46 は言っています: 5月 14, 2011. 10:47 PM
Oh really.... I AM!! Ha!! SUCK IT. :(
TheShadowChild は言っています: 7月 20, 2012. 3:23 PM
I hunt vampire's all my life. I killed 100's of nests. 1 is like a ant. But I see something different in you. Names grid power. director. Speak to me if you have the time
Sharkywerevampire は言っています: 10月 23, 2011. 6:55 AM
those are human vampires. that means they don't relate to ACTUAL vampires in any way except their want for blood.
smithandjones は言っています: 10月 28, 2011. 6:52 AM
Dear Vladimir;

I am impressed with your level of knowledge. Your ability to present information in a rational, non-threating manner is refreshing.

The age of manners and grace is sadly missed by those who remember a quieter, gentler time.

What do you advise when dealing with a vampire who has 'gone off the reservation'. I know there are certain cases in which it is not their fault.

I would valule your reply and I thank you for taking the time...

smith and jones
Dmitri+Lakove は言っています: 10月 28, 2011. 9:21 AM
Dear Smith and Jones,

I thank you for your gracious comments and I am therefore inclined to help you on your quest for knowledge, you sound like you already have a good understanding of things.

Well that kind of problem has to be done very personally and has to be specific to the one individual, there is no set way to help every different person so I'll need details.

please get back to me as soon as possible for I would like to help.

smithandjones は言っています: 10月 28, 2011. 5:56 PM
Dear Vladmir;

Our background knowledge has led us to believe it is impossible for Human DNA to facilicate a vampire turning into a bat, a wolf, etc. Most matter is locked by this code.

We have found situations in which an life form can change-viruses are an excellent example of a force affecting and changing a life form. Organic functions change-organ activity increases, or decreases, changing the life forms abities. However this takes time such as in Gene mutation..
Evolution would have us believe, given enough time-anything is possible.
We are not fully convinced. Of couse as we are finite beings, our perceptions of time may be at fault.

We write this as a platform from which to proceed in our discussions.
We are interested in your thoughts regarding the above.

The situation of the vampire 'going off the res', was a test question. It was necessary to help us determine how we would communicate with you. It was not a value test [right/wrong. good answer/bad answer]. Rather it was to determine how we may best communicate.
We did not mean for you to jump through a hoop-far from that.

Part of our function is as 'Watchers'. We are netural-do not take sides. We do this because this is what we were called to do. We did not look for this, it found us.

Our research and experiences lead us to believe a terrible 'storm is on the horizon. We believe our planet and it's life forms are at terrible risk. This is why we sought public channels.
Humanity in all its wonder stands at a crossroad. With the push of a button, the careless spill of a biological agent, our world could cease to exist.
We must socially evolve past our animal passion responses and seek peaceful methods to deal with our challenges.

To make matters more complicated, there is a lack of balance in the spiritual/physical planes.
Throughout history, Humanity has believed there is a balance to the World and the Universe. We also believe in this balance. However, 90 percent bad, 10 percent good is a balance. It has never been 50/50. That is a myth leaders tell people to calm them and perserve the system in place at the time.
We are finding the balance steadly changing for the worse.

Recently we have discovered many leaders in the world do not have faith that Humanity will survive. There are a few who do not care-beyond their own live cycles. There are some who seem to welcome the end.

How all this affects you, us, others, is simple. We are all stuck on 'the third rock from the Sun;.

We are all over the map in this reply. Forgive us...

With respect,
Smith and Jones

smithy0016 は言っています: 4月 20, 2012. 10:35 PM
dear dmitri'
it seems that you are well knowledged about vampires, so i am asking for your help. i suspect that someone in my neighbourhood may infact be a vampire.
i have scouted him out on a couple of occasions and have recently seen my most disturbing and clear evidence. tonight i intend to do the same but this time i intend to find actual hard evidence and post what i find, wish me luck and details that u know that i dont please tell!
bangeldemon は言っています: 11月 17, 2011. 4:14 PM
-.-' um vampires can never be truely killed and sometimes vampires don kill the person they usely just clear there thoughts of ever meeting them!if any of you met avampire and knew how they felt or cared to see if they had feelings youd know the stroy of a vampire!!!!!=.= and sunlight doesnt bug vampires >.> they train in it....alot...>.> i refuses to tell how i got this INFO!
goingsolo211 は言っています: 11月 16, 2010. 4:10 PM
Shut up about My Chemical Romance!
Trevor+Belmont は言っています: 11月 3, 2010. 8:52 PM
Floodlights are always a good idea
Trevor+Belmont は言っています: 11月 3, 2010. 8:42 PM
I don't even let them get close to me so garlic is just optional
jinneemagic は言っています: 3月 17, 2010. 8:26 PM

Hi vampire713,
You are very interesting. You are a full blood it sounds like. Quit virtually impossible to kill? I have met your kind in Alabama back in the 1980's. He was very old and travelling with a group of hunters. He was an ex-soldier. He had fought in many wars. American Civil, Spanish Civil, WW II in Waffen SS.

jinneemagic は言っています: 3月 17, 2010. 8:19 PM
Van Helsing --- you are very correct that vampires can be killed by beheading---however, I believe some can survive fire well. I have seen a full blood walking in day light and nothing happen to them. Some can be practically invincible depending on how much they drink, and how they were sired.
jinneemagic は言っています: 3月 17, 2010. 8:12 PM
Are there any human vampire hunters on this site?
becki_boo666 は言っています: 2月 5, 2012. 1:54 PM
Yes i am one why?
smithy0016 は言っています: 4月 20, 2012. 10:24 PM
where u from? cos i am really interested in becoming a vampire hunter
van+helsing は言っています: 6月 8, 2009. 1:58 PM
Even if you do invite a vamp in your house there is prays and spells and more to un invite it.
KainX は言っています: 4月 28, 2009. 7:16 PM
and those methods dont affect me...
KainX は言っています: 4月 28, 2009. 7:15 PM
wow... this is false... im a vampire and i look nothing like above -_- heh i look more like a human instead of a pale freak ...
Piercy は言っています: 5月 1, 2009. 2:40 PM
your a vampire? got any tips on how to locate one of you because I kind of want to be one of you...?
KainX は言っています: 5月 24, 2009. 11:12 AM
hmmm. well a few of us act like regular humans so others don't get suspicious so its really quite hard to track us, if you see someone suspicious just dont go up to them and say bite me -_- cuz if they really areent a vampire u would of made a fool of urself.
bangeldemon は言っています: 11月 17, 2011. 4:31 PM
if you still get on mesage me its XD i need to ask you somethings k kain?
edward+cullen は言っています: 8月 31, 2009. 10:54 AM
lol No. You don't. It's not something you want to be involved in. The Thirst can get unbearable. Most of us sunburn super easy. And the worst part is that if you're not born one of us, you can never experience the whole thing. If someone changes you, you'll most likely end up experiencing only the bad parts of it. If you were born one, however, as I was, there can be some perks to it.
hydra55 は言っています: 4月 11, 2009. 5:14 PM
I'd rather be a vampire than a zombie
van+helsing は言っています: 4月 8, 2009. 3:25 PM
Not to be rude but im a vampire hunter and fampires do show reflection and one way to kill one is cut its head of or burn it.
KainX は言っています: 5月 24, 2009. 11:15 AM
rofl whup dee doo a hunter *points up*
RC-0720 は言っています: 6月 6, 2009. 3:10 PM
boyo, just stay away from nice guys... hunt all the perverts you want, I don't care, but just stay away from the pure of heart, and the homeschoolers...
Trevor+Belmont は言っています: 11月 3, 2010. 8:29 PM
Hey i'm a hunter too! although a whip works just as well...oh yeah and holy water
dwisniewski2 は言っています: 10月 11, 2011. 9:54 PM
Ummm...yeah...I need a life. And spell check. And an original name.
inneedofinfo は言っています: 2月 25, 2009. 12:11 AM
ive identified a vampire and now im being hunted. i have no idea what to do
AriannaRuth は言っています: 2月 14, 2009. 12:02 PM
I have ben hunting sens I'd ben 17. I sometimes use those metheds.
KainX は言っています: 5月 24, 2009. 11:43 AM
Omg another hunter XD
kampy00 は言っています: 1月 23, 2009. 11:17 AM
Vampires like any creature is feared until it is understood. As a hunter for many covenants I find that sometimes even in the group some are feared. 99.99 % of vampires live by a code that prohibits them from just taking anyone. For the most part vampire live a some what normal life. As I have stated before some are my very good friends. Many just want to live and not be bothered by Humans. Of course there are those that break the rules and that is when I am called into action.
KainX は言っています: 5月 24, 2009. 11:44 AM
kampy sure know what hes talkins abouts =p
edward+cullen は言っています: 1月 23, 2009. 8:29 AM
Oh, and I do enjoy vampire stories, but they're not true. Twilight has next to nothing right, even though it's the most realistic one I've heard. Anyone wants more info, go ahead and email me at MAKE THE SUBJECT VAMPIRES or it will get deleted and marked as spam.
edward+cullen は言っています: 1月 23, 2009. 8:27 AM
Not to be rude, but are you joking? While vampires are real, we aren't like in those stories. We are sensitive to light, we don't burn in it though. Nor do we sparkle, like in Twilight. None of the things you mentioned can kill us unless the vampire in question believes they can harm us. And we aren't undead until we've died and our astral body has become free to roam without the physical limitations. I happen to be a hybrid Sanguinariun/Psychic vampire. Sanguinariuns drink blood, psychic vampires abosorb the life-force of humans, and hybrids can do both. When we die, our astral body rises as an Undead God and travels the world without the limitations of the physical body, aborbing the life-force of humans.
sealdust は言っています: 1月 17, 2012. 12:59 AM
You forgot to mention that some "humans" are psychic and can actually ward off your kind as well as prevent you from taking their energy. Though, being near energy vampires actually makes me feel sick... your aura's swirl horribly, and often are host to dark energy.

I'm a reincarnated angel, with the power level of a goddess. 2012 is an extremely interesting year, both for your kind and myself. It's not the end of the world, rather the 3rd dimension changing into the 5th dimension, which in turn, allows me to reach the 7th dimension when that happens. It hasn't happened yet, but when it does, I think even you will notice people changing.

I'm an elemental (weaker with metals, but very strong with silver), a reincarnated angel, and a goddess I guess. Though, soon, I'll be able to shift into the forms I like, and be able to have full potential to be ar my utmost power. I have a winged unicorn as a guardian, and an entire fleet of guardian angels. I have also spoken to the archangels Raphael, Gabriel and Michael. All new spirits I meet, tend to refer to me as the Angel Princess.

I can see auras and spirits, I'm an empath, feeling both the emotions of others as well as their pain (both pyschical and mental) though I have trouble distincting between the two. I'm also a healer. At the end of 2012 I will also have telekinsis, and I will actually be able to use my telepathy abilities properly.

Your kind is sensitive to light, some of you drink blood, and some of you absorb life-force and energy. You're almost correct, but if it came done to psychic vs. vampire. The one with the stronger will (invincibility against mortality) will actually control whether the vampire dies from the way or not. So, you actually do have the potiental to be burned in the sunlight, if you were to cross a psychic with a stronger will than you. Though, the psychic could also put a block on your vampiric abilities.

The astral body can be accessed without dying, but only by the very powerful. I know psychics can do it, but I think it would be the same for vampires, if they were to undergo intense psychic training. Though, as energy vampires suck energy out of people, and unguarded psychics, and some vampires actually suck blood, there is a high chance that none will actually help an energy vampire, a hybrid vampire or a sanguinariun vampire.
You've also got to take into account that those who can astral travel are even rarer, and that those who would be willing to share the secrets of astral travel are nearly nil.


(And why did you adopt that Sparkly Freak's Name as a username?)
manishuchiha は言っています: 2月 17, 2012. 3:01 AM
u r seriously kidding,

acting like a elementary kid living around crazy supernatural fantasies..........

all those cool creatures does not exist if they by any chance in hell i would already be one of them.
keep it real pal.
darkangle は言っています: 4月 16, 2012. 10:29 AM
ok if u are a vampire why are u say n it isn't it dangerous for u
shadowbuilder2761 は言っています: 10月 1, 2013. 12:45 PM
Thank you for telling them this. At least someone knows what vampires truly are.
halfdemon666 は言っています: 1月 4, 2009. 11:48 AM
how many in her IS a nonhuman thing? I am a halfdemon my self
bloodsucker420 は言っています: 1月 16, 2012. 2:50 PM
you say you are a demon then what do you know?
kampy00 は言っています: 1月 2, 2009. 12:13 AM
Not all vampires are killers. Some are quite normal so to speak. Some are even good friends Yes, I am a hunter and I work for most of the covenants that require rogues to be punished.
Mr.+Brownie は言っています: 1月 22, 2009. 4:55 PM
Thank you for standing up for me.
kampy00 は言っています: 1月 23, 2009. 11:41 AM
I think you will enjoy my latest posting.
KainX は言っています: 5月 24, 2009. 11:17 AM
(a hunter who is being nice to a vampire O_O didnt see that comin>.>)
Lycan+Girl は言っています: 12月 22, 2008. 9:26 PM
What have you against werewolves? We aren't that bad. Most of us aren't at least.
Madrias357 は言っています: 7月 9, 2009. 8:07 AM
Exactly. I lead a pack, and not a one of my pack has taken any human lives. Now, that's not to say they haven't killed their fair share of livestock, but we're all willing to travel 10 or 20 miles to avoid all the drama the media can make over one human ripped to shreds.
link55t は言っています: 8月 18, 2009. 4:25 PM
ya know that ur not realy a wolf right?
Madrias357 は言っています: 8月 19, 2009. 4:58 PM
of course. This is just fun and games.
vampire713 は言っています: 10月 13, 2008. 7:20 PM
hahaha I find this whole thing freaking hilarious, tell me, why would stabinga stake throug an unbeating heart do any good, anyone? and another thing most vampires have skin that would break the stake, so that's out of the question, bullets, well your pushing it. Those are the big reasons more humans died than vampires back when they really hunted them. Oh and for you people who still think that crucifixes, garlic and holy water work on them your wrong. Garlic well who cares, holy water and crucifixes well aren't we all children of god, so why would it work?
cyber_ninja76 は言っています: 2月 9, 2009. 11:33 PM
What if it's a jewish vampire, or for that matter an athiest?
cyber_ninja76 は言っています: 9月 18, 2008. 2:31 PM
You could still have the parties just remember to disinvite everyone when they are leaving! i.e. If any of you are vampires you are no longer invited in my house, please leave and take this parting gift/ stake in the heart.
vampire+human+killer は言っています: 7月 19, 2008. 7:15 PM
the stuff that you put down for catching a vampire doesnt work becasue i am a vampire myself, garlic crusifixs stakes and inviting vampires in your house it does not work cause all that stuff is from just stupid movies and other shit like that, vampires like me are not affected by the stuff and holy water doesnt even hurt us so stop making instructables about how to kill or catch a vampire or i will hunt you down and kill you myself. P.S. you dont know wat us vampires dont drink blood from the neck all we do is find a vien in the body and cut it with our long nails and when we are done we use our spit to make the cut stop bleeding
keureban は言っています: 6月 11, 2008. 8:18 PM
Would being nocturnal make you a vampire or count as part of it?
Sypran は言っています: 6月 11, 2008. 4:27 PM
Aren't vapires also weak/die in sunlight? or is that just some rumor that people made up so children would get outa the house instead of being afraid aand hideing
vampire713 は言っています: 10月 13, 2008. 7:22 PM
it is just a rumor
mrfoltz は言っています: 5月 23, 2008. 5:27 PM
Yaah... make an intructable on how to find them.... Maybe some people want to become one... BLAAAAH! BLAAAAAH!
hypermechanic は言っています: 5月 1, 2008. 3:05 PM
What about vampire bunnies? Bunicula "Stakes not steaks damnit!"
naruto+the+ninja13 は言っています: 6月 15, 2009. 6:39 PM
luv tha book by the way
inventageek は言っています: 4月 3, 2008. 10:44 AM
the thought of vampires as evil creatures is all a lie. vampires are meerly people who live by rituals of sacrifice for self health. this is what our ancestors did to appease the great spirits. holywodd has turned the scociety of vampires into a horrific blood fest for the worst.
Illidan は言っています: 5月 1, 2008. 12:05 PM
KainX は言っています: 5月 24, 2009. 11:34 AM
no u silencio
KainX は言っています: 5月 24, 2009. 11:34 AM
i was born a vampire im a pure blood
naruto+the+ninja13 は言っています: 6月 15, 2009. 6:35 PM
awesome dose blood taste different to your kind or dose it still taste like iron?
Madrias357 は言っています: 7月 9, 2009. 8:09 AM
Probably depends on what you are. For me, a Pure Werewolf, it's somewhat coppery. Though, I've also never bitten a human, so, don't know how they'd taste.
bangeldemon は言っています: 11月 17, 2011. 4:33 PM
link55t は言っています: 8月 18, 2009. 4:25 PM
no, ur not
naruto+the+ninja13 は言っています: 6月 15, 2009. 6:34 PM
argreedi know some one who might be a vampire (i will mot give his name as a savage vampire hunter might read this) and hes a nice guy (or she...)
pyro13 は言っています: 3月 19, 2008. 7:47 AM
Garlic, Holy water, crosses, stakes, this is a whole bunch of bunk. Vampires are much stronger and much faster than this. I would recommend a big gun, a hunting knife, and a couple of These, because vampires have to be ripped into unrecognizable pieces and burnt to ash to be killed completely.
Illidan は言っています: 3月 21, 2008. 1:05 PM
shush, I am right- you are wrong
angelique+desdemonia は言っています: 10月 16, 2008. 12:46 AM
your wrong...big guns hhhmmm, i doubt that whould kill us
pyro13 は言っています: 2月 28, 2008. 6:15 PM
What if i want to become a vampire? Make an instructable on how to find them?
Lucifer669 は言っています: 3月 18, 2008. 5:51 PM
You guys have no idea how to track a vampire, or kill one do you? Well for a start, yes, cutting its head off would kill it.. but it'd kill you too..and you DONT have to cut its head off to certify death. Garlic or holy water? Get real. Don't bother with a hammer and a stake either, you have to remember Vampires are a lot faster and a lot stronger than humans. I would suggest using silver bullets. Also effective on Werewolfs I've been there... Trust me on this one. Hope it helps
inventageek は言っています: 8月 27, 2008. 12:43 PM
very nice, i have been in situations of wich i did not know what to do i.e black magic. when did this happen to you?
Braeburn は言っています: 10月 7, 2008. 7:30 PM
yeah, alot of that stuff doesn't work, execpt bullets and stuff like you said.
vampire713 は言っています: 10月 14, 2008. 8:22 PM
So are you hunter? Because I've been looking for one for a long time.
angelique+desdemonia は言っています: 10月 16, 2008. 12:43 AM
really lucifer, you say on how to kill us, intresting
Madrias357 は言っています: 7月 9, 2009. 8:04 AM
Silver doesn't do anything against this Werewolf. Works great on the rest of the pack, but not on me. Care to guess why?
smithy0016 は言っています: 4月 20, 2012. 10:41 PM
um cos ur not really a werewolf ur just some sad little man curled up at home with a laptop
Blacknightwolf は言っています: 12月 15, 2010. 5:17 AM
what have you got agenst werewolves?!!!!
Lovelyvampys46 は言っています: 5月 14, 2011. 10:43 PM
Nothin ,I'm one.. I'm a mix of vamp and werewolf. so is my friend. She MADE ME SAY IT!! :(
smithy0016 は言っています: 4月 20, 2012. 10:40 PM
nightclasher878 は言っています: 12月 4, 2013. 7:34 PM
I'm a vampire and werewolf mix too
Lovelyvampys46 は言っています: 5月 14, 2011. 10:42 PM
All TRUE!!!
bangeldemon は言っています: 11月 17, 2011. 4:25 PM
O.o wow no one knows a true vam,pire or met one have them?seriously...>.> and if had met one its most likely they would of rid your mememberie but im lucky ya see some guys canfall for me..XD human or not human XD i have that way :3 i guess im good at casting spells?XD yet i dont know spells lollll XXXDDDDD
angelique+desdemonia は言っています: 10月 16, 2008. 12:47 AM
you want to become one of us?, maby you should learn more about us before you go saying that
pyro13 は言っています: 10月 16, 2008. 4:46 PM
well then tell me :P
angelique+desdemonia は言っています: 10月 16, 2008. 10:19 PM
your serious arnt you, well rather than to be talking in the open, contact me make the subject vampires so i dont throw it away ok?
vampire713 は言っています: 10月 17, 2008. 1:37 PM
hmm you seem like you could be interesting, well I guess your what I am. Well I would like to get to know you a bit better. So if you would like to talk as much as I would contact me at
Piercy は言っています: 5月 1, 2009. 2:41 PM
i want to become one of you too...
Blacknightwolf は言っています: 12月 15, 2010. 5:20 AM
as i do
to bad lifes never perfect。。。
ccorbett は言っています: 2月 23, 2011. 2:11 AM
oh goodie.... more wannabes
Lovelyvampys46 は言っています: 5月 14, 2011. 10:40 PM
Lovelyvampys46 は言っています: 5月 14, 2011. 10:39 PM
HECK NO!!!!!
Lovelyvampys46 は言っています: 5月 14, 2011. 10:51 PM
Maybe, contact me on here and we'll see. So you think you can become a vampire? :)
Lovelyvampys46 は言っています: 5月 14, 2011. 10:38 PM
No, don't even try!!!!!! It's a path where your stuck between life and DEATH!!!! If I only new... I wouldn't have this freaky problem. The vampires you see in movies aren't like the ones in fantasy. There's no ring to keep you safe from the sun. (Thanks alot Vampire Diaries... Your confusing newborn vamps all around the world) There's no drinking dead blood. (Thank u soo much to Interview With the Vampire! :)) Most importantly there's so many clans to choose from. Yay Me!!!!!! :)
smithandjones は言っています: 10月 28, 2011. 7:27 AM
Dear 'Lovelyvampys46'

Smith and Jones would like your take on Vampires. We are not hunters but researchers.

One question we have been debating is the rise in Vampire Interest in the last few years. We study many beings that have and have not crossed over from the spiritual to the physical plane.

Is there a spiritual component that enables the transformation or is it soley a matter of life forms reproducing within the confines of our physical world? .

One other question...Where does the spirit of a Vampire go when the body is no longer able to function. Is it possible, that as matter is never destroyed-just changes form, so spirits can never be completely destroyed, just forced to take on other forms. This would make sense when looking at spirits as units of energy.

'Remember to duck'
Smith and Jones

bangeldemon は言っています: 11月 17, 2011. 4:20 PM
O.o umm you know thos movies mock the real vampirs right and the vampires ik get mad when i bring thos up...XD they allso got mad at first when i said dont make a mess when feeding XD e.e i prob shouldnt be here lol...e.e
Sharkywerevampire は言っています: 10月 23, 2011. 6:58 AM
it is not a good idea, but i will
KentsOkay は言っています: 1月 31, 2008. 4:43 AM
Excellent! But you are forgetting that if all else fails, lop there head off, or burn them. Burn them after they are stacked as well, take no chances. Now were to find vampires....
Hammer787 は言っています: 11月 5, 2007. 11:58 AM
Don't forget! You MUST cut off the vampire's head to kill it completely!
Illidan は言っています: 11月 9, 2007. 8:21 AM
is that so? i thought that was only in D&D
Hammer787 は言っています: 11月 9, 2007. 10:16 AM
In Bram Stroker's Dracula, Dr. Van Helsing says that you must stake the vampire in the heart to pin it down and severely wound it but to kill it you must cut off the head. You should dispose of the body by burning it.
radiobath は言っています: 11月 26, 2007. 6:20 PM
Sounds more like zombies to me (reference: Night of the Living Dead). Zombies are usually a much bigger threat than vampires. At least vampires talk and you could coax them out of making you one of their legion.
_soapy_ は言っています: 2月 17, 2008. 4:23 AM
Zombies, you must destroy the brain stem. Beheading or burning will do this, but make sure they can't walk up and attack you when on fire! Vampires, nail them to the floor with a stake, if you can, then behead them. But beware, the ones who are over a few hundred years old have seen it all. You won't impress them with a clove of garlic and a cross. And if they want you, you aren't going to talk them out of it.
bobulator は言っています: 11月 2, 2007. 1:41 PM
Can't wait for your next instructable!
Illidan は言っています: 11月 5, 2007. 8:55 AM
quiet bob, or you will fear my wrath at the next d&d session
jessyratfink は言っています: 10月 7, 2007. 7:21 PM
Hahaha, thanks for linking to my garlic pot roast. :D
mollypierucci は言っています: 10月 1, 2007. 10:28 AM
i take personal offense to this instructable....
_soapy_ は言っています: 10月 21, 2007. 5:33 AM
mollypierucci は言っています: 2月 14, 2008. 8:58 PM
how do you think!??!?
_soapy_ は言っています: 2月 17, 2008. 4:19 AM
Using my brain, inside my head. Or so it would seem from the evidence. That's why the zombies chase me.
trebory6 は言っています: 10月 29, 2007. 10:54 AM
Me too!!!
Illidan は言っています: 10月 1, 2007. 7:48 AM
Thanks for all the positive feedback guys, i'm thinking about making protecting yourself against zombies too, and definately how to defend against werewolves
Kiteman は言っています: 10月 1, 2007. 1:18 PM
What about defence against K'nexers?
Patrick+Pending は言っています: 10月 1, 2007. 7:01 AM
This is a great instructable, and is very timely. I often find that my area gets plagued with Vampires towards the end of October. I know how to deal with them now! BTW: Does anyone have any advice with regard to Zombies? Cheers, Pat. Pending
Oily+Seldon は言っています: 10月 1, 2007. 7:24 AM
Yeah, replace all the steps except for one that explains the uses of a shotgun If computer games have taught us anything, its that shotguns beat Zombies
bobulator は言っています: 11月 18, 2007. 6:36 AM
Heh, shotguns beat ANYTHING!
radiobath は言っています: 11月 26, 2007. 6:21 PM
Didn't realize that there was such high demand for zombie protection. I'll get on making an instructable for this. A bit too late after Halloween, but zombies are a threat year-round. It'll be done with crappy cell phone pics, though.
bowmaster は言っています: 2月 1, 2008. 9:48 AM
Yes please do. Where I live there are weekly zombie attacks.
radiobath は言っています: 2月 1, 2008. 11:08 AM
Jeez! I better hop on it ASAP.
ipatch は言っています: 2月 6, 2008. 5:31 PM
I know a great book called how to survive a zombie attack ver educational
radiobath は言っています: 2月 6, 2008. 10:46 PM
There are many things in the Zombie Survival Guide that are useful, but it's not a live-by book. You need to prepare for the rarest things, and the ZSG is only for one type of outbreak.
gmoon は言っています: 10月 1, 2007. 6:33 AM
This is funny stuff, thanks!

(maybe some readers need an extra step: How to Get a Sense of Humor)
Johnsons+on+fire は言っています: 9月 30, 2007. 6:01 PM
There is another that sees the truth! They All Shall Die!!
John+Smith は言っています: 9月 30, 2007. 5:07 PM
You're kidding, right?
Easy+Button は言っています: 9月 30, 2007. 5:20 PM
Ya,I agree. Come on get real.
a+grain+of+alt. は言っています: 9月 30, 2007. 7:10 PM
No. This is very, very real. This guide is an asset to everyone who loves their family and wishes to protect them in their current form.