Step 5: Crucifixes

Ah, the humble crucifix- who would have thought that a pair of sticks held together or a heavy wooden cross would have such excellent effects on the children of the night.

Don't bother trying silver on a vampire thats werewolves everybody! Slaying werewolves is a whole different thing and is the basis for a whole other instructable.
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FredJ11 month ago

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Malefor5 months ago

A simple conventional weapon should be able to take out any vampire provided they cause severe damage for vampires are more durable than humans. A bullet to the head works fine. I wouldn't hold back against flamethrowers or explosives either.

lemonie1 year ago
Do you know what this symbol: (C) means?
Or what "Reproduction Rights" are?

Acualy barely any of this is true you kill a vampire with bullets and swords/axes.