Picture of Vampire-Hunting Gun Prop with UV Bullets
For Halloween 2008, I was a vampire bounty hunter that specializes in killing my own kind. I traveled to New Orleans -- which is sort of vampire mecca -- and the hunting was spectacular. Here, I document how I made my Vampire-Hunting Handgun with UV bullets and cartridge prop, which was inspired by the UV-weapons in the movie Underworld.
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Step 1: Start with a Suitable Toy Gun

Picture of Start with a Suitable Toy Gun
I chose a Nerf N-Strike Maverick, which is quite an amazing toy for only $8.

Step 2: Disassemble the Gun

Picture of Disassemble the Gun
Disassemble the gun and figure out how to fit some lights inside.

Step 3: LEDs and a Battery in the Barrel

Putting the LEDs and a battery into the barrel allowed the barrel to still rotate and advance when you pulled the trigger. I cut slits in the side of the barrel with a Dremel to allow light come out of the sides, in addition to the front. I had to cut away portions of the barrel to get everything to fit.

I soldered six white LEDs in series with a resistor, switch, and a 9 volt battery clip. Each LED was then hot glued into position within the barrel.

Step 4: Cut the Gun to Fit a Glow-Stick

Picture of Cut the Gun to Fit a Glow-Stick
Cut holes in the handle so that a glow-stick fits into the gun like a cartridge.

Step 5: Spray Paint

Picture of Spray Paint
Spray paint the body black and the trigger and other highlights silver. I also did a light coating on the inside, so no yellow would be visible along the seam of the body.

Step 6: Dry Brush Silver

Picture of Dry Brush Silver
Inspired by many of gmjhowe's paint-jobs, I dry-brushed silver to give the gun a worn look. I found it most effective to spray silver paint into a small puddle, dip a paintbrush in the puddle, then paint newspaper until I was barely transferring any further paint. Finally, I would use the almost-dry paintbrush to highlight the edges of the gun, and any other exposed surfaces that would likely be worn.

I also sanded off the Nerf logo on the gun's slide.

Step 7: Reassemble the Gun

Note how the barrel still rotates.

Step 8: Hunt Vampires

Picture of Hunt Vampires
Crack the glow-stick, switch on the LEDs, and hunt down some vampires.
clark9813 years ago
Imp!!!!! xD
tgriner14 years ago
What I've got planned to do is modify a disposable camera flash below where the darts come out, and put a switch in the handle behind the trigger. That way when you pull the trigger the flash goes off as the dart comes out! Downside is that you have to wait for the flash to recharge before you fire again... May need a bigger battery.
come find me!!! i am a vampire!!
SniperNinja6 years ago
Gun looks cool, but with the glow stick there needs to be a modification. Cut the top or bottom of the glowstick off. Empty the stick. Then get a yellow or green LED and use button batteries with any form of switch. Its hard for me to describe since I personally haven't done it. But my friend has. Ill ask him about it. But with that approach to the glowstick, you want have to open the gun up every time you use the glowstick. Just a suggestion.
Did you use the darts that nerf has that glow, from the light of the gun, or did you actually even use the darts? Also it'd probably hard, but you could probably make it so that there would be a puff of smoke and then the light would look like muzzle flash, you could probably do the "Smoke" with flour
It looks like he tore out most of the guts of the gun to put in the LED lights so I doubt that it shoots much of anything :) It would be cool, however, to see up some contact points on the barrels so it makes a connection while the barrel is rotating to flash more LEDs to make it look like it's shooting... I'm sure that would be quite a bit more complex.
not really more complex, maybe wire up a button into the trigger, that'd probably be the simplest way, you could put in some aluminum foil maybe but it would wear down and you would have to take it all apart again which would be a pain