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The costume was completely home made. Sauces and syrups, for example, Hershey's syrup, were used to make red(thick blood) and black colors, and the fairness creams were used to make white color to avoid reactions.

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DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-11-01

Great make up job. Could you share a little more detail about what you did?

I was more concentrated on my face to look scary. I tried different getups with the same colors to look more scary. To look more natural, I had my beard and moustach unshaved. Furthermore, to avoid any kind of reactions I used home made items as I outlined. However, I felt little itching in my eyes and I blood tastes good to drink. Overall, the make up took four hours to complete, and I won the first prize as the most scariest costume. Please follow me and vote for me if I deserve it.
Thank you.

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