Ok, well, as many of you know, bumpus loves a shotgun, for a while he has been demanding encouraging me to build one.

Thanks to Kiteman for kindly point out many just a few mistakes in my write up.

Recently I came across the perfect tubes at work, hence, this project began - firstly, a little video.

The shotgun it self is a fairly normal shotgun, the shells are the special part, each shell is made up from three chambers or 'vials' Each shell contains three substances,

  • A liquid Silver Nitrate Composite
  • A white Metamorphic Acid Substrate
  • And a viscous C4 explosive gel

One shot from this baby, and even the most elder Vampire will fall

Now, on with the how to.

Step 1: The barrel and handle

Ok firstly, you have to make the base.

I held the two tubes together using some big pegs, I then ran PVA glue down the seem, once dry, this holds them together nicely - repeat for either side.

Using the template for the handle on my sniper, I modified it for a sawn off shotgun, I needed to make this one quite wide, so it had two layers of corrugated card, and two layers of dense gmjboard (thick velum mount board stuffs)

I then build up the top of the gun using more of the gmjboard.

Glue the layers together, let the whole lot dry.
OMG ppl. u crack me up. He's just making it sound cool. It doesn't matter on the realism. No... silver doesn't kill vampires which aren't real in the first place. This is an amazing instructable. Thank you so much man. This officially inspired me. YOU ROCK.
that is blasphemy

and the fact that silver isn't for vampires, vampires get killed by removing their heads

Doctor991 year ago


nice work man, that is sooooo awesome
ps. how long was the barrel
AcornWoah2 years ago
This is legendary...
Terranan2 years ago
Origin v2 then Winterstorm!
I love Winterstorm....
sonofstone3 years ago
do you work with wood sometimes? i'm building a sawn-off double barrel hunting rifle, stock is already been built, barrels welded together, all i need is a hinge, could you help me out on this part?
Came across this again recently, and your "shell" design is giving me some ideas...
Though one question... the song in your video you say it's by Machinae Supremacy... but what is the song title?
gmjhowe (author)  BrefelanDesigns3 years ago
Thanks! Do share if you create anything. The title is 'Winterstorm'
Thanks for the track info!
I have so many Projects In Progress (or PIPs as I call them)

Hopefully will have finished my Star Wars prop (a prototype version of a lightsaber, in the style of steampunk.) finished before the 25th! There is a local celebration of the 35th anniversary of the first movie, that I want to show off the prop at..

It originally was supposed to be done for May 4th (Int. Star Wars Day), but I goofed up on the month, I though it was next month!
gmjhowe (author)  BrefelanDesigns3 years ago
That sounds awesome. I look forward to seeing it.
faustoyacob3 years ago
brupielink3 years ago
That's one hell of a shotgun! Gonna try it myself if i have the materials.
One tiny bit of criticism though.
The vial shells are a great idea and really suit it, but i might be a good idea to
finish the ends of the shells so they look more round and solid, like it's really sealing it off for safety, or to have some sort of acryllic/glass tube/vial over the entire shell itself, making it solid.
c4 is pressure sensitive
no it's not.

Hugh pressure ANd high impact ANd high temperature
it depends on what its made of and what form its in
monkeys984 years ago
awesome, simply awesome
Sabinbp4 years ago
those shells look very familiar i saw them in a final fantasy movie or episode of somekind
mastiffman4 years ago
Very well done; thanks
sonofstone4 years ago
why c4, why not nitroglycerine?
DustySeven74 years ago
Two things. First C4 is what is known as a plastic explosive. It is extremely stable due to the explosive substance being mixed with the plastic. Fire, heat, and electricity will not cause C4 to explode. It takes a special charge of small explosive inserted into it. This causes a reaction in the C4 that make it explode. That is why you see soldiers insert the little metal tube into it. And Second Silver will not kill a vampire, it will only harm them. The only way to kill a vampire with silver would be to have a silver stake go through the heart.
eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
Not to be too technical or anything, but C4 needs electricity to blow up. Just saying. Nice Instructable, by the way.
No, it does not require electricity.
Yes, it does. It says in some army field manuals that you can burn c4 and get a strong plastic.
I'll second that.
Sadly, you are both wrong. There are no stabilized, man-portable, explosives that require electricity to detonate. I could go into detail, but this is not the venue for that.
So how else would you detonate it? Fire? If so, all it would do is just burn like fuel and turn into plastic.
Like you say C4 will not explode if on fire(in the second world war some burnt it a safe cooking material).

However putting electricity through C4 will not make it explode. Explosives like C4 are known as "secondary explosives" meaning they need a kick start to explode, for instance some farmers use ANFO(another secondary explosive) to remove stumps(etc.) if they don't have access to blasting caps they use a shot from a high powered rifle to the explosive this achieves the same thing as a blasting cap.

It introduces shock/energy into the explosive somewhat like a starter motor on a truck. 

By the way some blasting caps are triggered by electricity.

Cheers, Mattrox
Could use just a coin cell battery in one end with two metal prongs on the other, when they hit the body, the blood of your target is the conductor setting on the explosive charge :)
True... Salty fluid is a very good conductor.
bit of resistance though
I know it is just supposed to give a story to it but shouldn't one of the vials have holy water?
I would think holy water, liquified garlic, and silver. (Just to cover all the bases.)
Go Hellboy on them. Holy Water, garlic, silver nitrate, etc.
i prefer blade's method. 3 inch silver stakes 12 ga rouphly = 50 cal, so supa bullet. we're talkin like 4-6 inch shells here.
haha this is true
isnt the only thing that kills them are wooden stakes?
not at all. watch the blade series. silver, uv light, stakes, beheading or dismemberment
sorry yer i wasnt thinking straight ummm.... uv light works so does stakes and beheading but i've never heard of silver before
actually that's just a misconception by holly wood
the wooden stake through the torso is to hold them down while you decapitate them and burn the corpse.
i still prefer the old ways of burying them upside down so they dig their way to hell tho :]
Im catholic so holy water, silver (in case of surprise werewolves), and the c4 was a good idea
Hephestus4 years ago
Started making my own version of your shotgun, im making it out of Mdf and copper piping, gives it a bit for weight to it, Great design though
where do you find tubes like that? I would think christmas wrapping paper but those look too thin...
gmjhowe (author)  blueberrypieisgood6 years ago
They come off industrial laminating rolls. Im not sure where you would get them from.
would pvc tubes work
 if you got them in the right size(use your own judgement for this). yes.
Consider Fiberglass instead, It'll have less weight.
if it has more weight it will feel more realistic
u can get fiberglass tubes? for how much? pvc would be infinitely cheaper
Lowes and Home Depo sell them. They are a little pricer, but you don't have the immense weight of the PVC weighing you down.
Immense weight of PVC lol never thought I would hear that sentence
Try going to a UPS store, and find tubes that work~
sonofstone4 years ago
indeed, why not make it a spring powered gun, you could take a nerf gun and replace the internals, but the materials you used for this creation is a little to soft i'd think
 could you try to make one that shoots?
Why not? Personally I'd go for something either spring or air powered.
Yeah good idea!
starfox3845 years ago
I like the music in the video
didnt even have my headphones on (they were on the ground) and I recognised it. he pieced together two or three songs by machinae supremacy.
SRT4ever5 years ago
 What's the point of making a fake gun??? No offense, I'm just curious 
There are some of us who consider making collectibles an art.
Costuming. Notice the "Cyberpunk" moniker? Means he going for a character piece.
gmjhowe (author)  musicalbee20035 years ago
Actually, I make to sell. This was sold to a person looking to complete their costume.
Tmac1215 years ago
What were all of your base materials?
And to whom did all of your basematerials belong?
All his base were belong to me.  No one else!
no all his bases are belong to us
TyMan2105 years ago
I think I'll just stick with my .357 Magnum. Maybe a couple of grenades, too.
datalot5 years ago
amazing *DROOL*
Maxaxle5 years ago
Great shotgun, but I recommend adding some sort of lever to break down the barrel, like in a real double-barrel.
Most break-action shotguns do not use a lever to operate. You are probably thinking of a lever-action which obviously uses a lever.
Model 1887 from COD MW2. The best shotgun in the game.
Most american over-under and side-by-side double barrel shotguns have a lever on top that is thrown left or right to open the action.

Single barrels often have what looks like a second hammer.
Yeah, I know what youre talking about, but I was referencing an actual lever as on the Winchester, although thats probably not what he was taling about.
could you make one that cocks
I have one that cocks...
 How did you do it?
Used a cheap airsoft shot gun. Modified it. If i can find it, i'll post pics
Also, I think a pump action shotgun would be cool for a future project.
This is just a suggestion for a way to stop the vials from sliding out, and i think it would look authentic too. Basically it would just be a stretchy rubber material about an inch into the barrels so that when the vials are pushed in, it can't keep going, and when you break the barrel to get them out, they would be pushed out a little already. If I make this, I will experiment and tell you what I find.
valkiraun5 years ago
 Talented work. I think i might try my hand at something similar...
tanis93195 years ago
i have a way to get those vials but they have printing on the sides what do i do?
Derin tanis93195 years ago
get something like acetone and try to see if it damages the vial while taking the paint off (use an extra vial)
PastTheVoid5 years ago
 Also a great solution for those pesky gnomes that keep messing up my vegetable garden.
adamc905 years ago
this looks awesome ive always been a sucker for shotguns, to me their just amazing, i was wondering where do i find thisliquid silver nitrate i found the metamorphic acid but not the nitrate XD hunt some vamps xD
wolfboy6165 years ago
 freaking awesome man!!! :D
Congratulations with your third prize in the decoration department. I'm glad to see my vote did matter :)

Great instructable by the way. When my current projects are finished I'm gonna try to make a shotgun myself (a little different though since I don't really like to copy someones work, more of a putting my own twist to it kinda guy)

Plz excuse me for me bad English :)
daltonjcw5 years ago
 where else can you get those tubes?
I get some thinner ones from cling film, bako/kitchen foil and some sweets & glowsticks.
gmjhowe (author)  daltonjcw5 years ago
 Mine were off a laminator, so you need to find something that uses up rolls of something.
daltonjcw5 years ago
very, very good job! the shells/tubes/ whatever.... are awesome!
weasel9995 years ago
 i believe "metal foil duck tape" is calledmetal repair tape
00Donut5 years ago
As seen in picture four, what model of gun did you use as a basis for your trigger/stock?
For what it's worth you should look into "boning" as a process for hand forming leather to the shape of your stock/grips. Boning involves soaking the leather under water and then pressing it around the item you want to shape it to. It's used to create custom fit handgun holsters or knife sheaths. If you use fairly thin leather then you can get a lot of the detail contours from the stock to come through the leather also.
KINDER EGGS!! Or atleast thats what i think those small orange and yellow containers are. In some pics on the last step. Unless im really dumb. Loved those tho. Good job on the gun too lol.
gmjhowe (author)  3xpl0dingR4pt0r6 years ago
Yes, your correct! I buy kinder eggs for my Fiancé when she is feeling low. Thanks for the comment.
what are kinder eggs?
They are basically a chocolate eggshell and inside is like a little toy that you put together. Theyre prettty neat.
Where! I want to buy some. Those are the best!
rob.thieman6 years ago
That is a fantastic creation! I've been considering options for Halloween and I think I've settled on a vampire hunter theme. Thanks for the inspiration.
gmjhowe (author)  rob.thieman6 years ago
Your more than welcome! I hope your costume idea goes well! Thanks for the comment.
question how did you keep the shells from slideing out of the barrels and any way you should make belt shell holder that would be awsom
Jehosephat6 years ago
I have been a modder & a weapons builder for a while, and I can say that this is by far the most professional-looking prop I have seen to date.
The most creative part, in my opinion, is the shells.
I never would have guessed to use medical vials, so I tip my hat off to you.
(Very surprised that you were not contacted when Van Helsing was being made)
Also, I need some information on how to properly make a revolver sort of like the Samaritan as boogyheadabc mentioned, but more in a Trigun-style without the weird muzzle.
I would appreciate if you could give a tutorial using the same materials and style as the shotgun you constructed.
Thank you,
gmjhowe (author)  Jehosephat6 years ago
Hi, thanks for your kind words, I do have plans for a revolver at some point, very much in a heavy weight magnum/trigun style. But alas as always, time is an issue, I already work with a massive back log of projects! I more than happy to talk through your ideas.
Also, I have posted a question stating to make a steampunk outfit/weapons, regarding my new project: (ominous music)
>>Steampunk Vampire Hunter<<
Any ideas?
Thank you kindly,
Maybe make this shotgun but paint it to look like brass. lol
Thank you for the update gmjhowe. I know exactly what you mean by planning issues (i have a couple of them on my own T.T) I mainly have used wood and I've wanted to start fresh &expand my horizons. Thing is I don't exactly know how to properly work with cardboard or your "gmjboard" as you have christiened it (not a lot of experience with the material exactly T.T) On an ending note, I have to say I simply love your projects. Goodluck & Godspeed, Jehosephat
DJVMAN6 years ago
how did you do all of the details
DJVMAN6 years ago
where did you get your materials
gmjhowe (author)  DJVMAN6 years ago
All my materials are left over packaging from the print works that i work at.
DJVMAN6 years ago
where can i get the barrel
D0cR0ck6 years ago
What is the length of each tube? I can't seem to find that in the Instructable.
gmjhowe (author)  D0cR0ck6 years ago
About 350mm ish, but use what ever length suits the style your looking for.
D0cR0ck gmjhowe6 years ago
Thank you.
mine is so cool thanks it took a while but is great i covered a glue stick in red duck tape and painted the end gold ang it looks like a real shell
how exactly would this fire ive always wondered sence there is oviously no powder holder or primer on the rounds im geussing its either pnumatic or electromagnetic
also what detonates the c4?
naruto the ninja13: the most straightforward answer would be impact of the target
it's a prop, it doesn't fire
Ward_Nox6 years ago
gave me ideas to refine the para venom i "invented" never thought to add an acid shouldn't the shells have a space for propelliant? or is the shot gun something like a Gause gun or air riffle?
bobby45056 years ago
where could i get gmjboard?
bobby45056 years ago
would it be possible to buy 6 of the little ammo tubes off you? i need to know if three would fit in a barrel that is a millimeter shy of an inch
bobby45056 years ago
i mean this other one =P
bobby45056 years ago
the other one
bobby45056 years ago
could you make hinges out of wood???
gmjhowe (author)  bobby45056 years ago
A strong bit of wood would work, but ideally you need metal.
could you give me any ideas? i am using black duct tape right now, and i need an idea for a grip on the handle,preferably something that paint will stick to
gmjhowe (author)  bobby45056 years ago
I suggest a layer of paper mache. Thinner paper will give a smoother look.
should i keep it black?
gmjhowe (author)  bobby45056 years ago
yeah, paint it black, or a gun metal grey.
also would you mind if i entered mine in cardsborad contest if i give you most credit?
gmjhowe (author)  bobby45056 years ago
Sure, I am hoping to enter it myself!
i should be done tomorrow's,ill give you pics of finished product
and should i do a layer of paper mache on whole gun? this is what it currently looks like
lol you can see your instructable comments on my computer rofl
a glossy black or like your first coating of black on your shotgun?
gmjhowe (author)  bobby45056 years ago
which ever you fancy! its your project!
bobby45056 years ago
I will hopefully be working on two projects... 1 something like the hellboy revolver and 2 something like your shot gun but smaller. I will post pics if i complete
gmjhowe (author)  bobby45056 years ago
Cool, i look forward to pictures!
Where do you find brackets like that? I have 1 but the screw holes are like nearly 2 inches apart. Is there any way i could possibly work with that?
gmjhowe (author)  blueberrypieisgood6 years ago
Yeah, work your design around what you have!
SpiroExDeus6 years ago
There's a use for used up injenction pen cartridges?! NICE! To think I've been throwing them all away.
13005196 years ago
1. You're amazing. 2. I might just love you for that V for Vendetta poster in the background.
laxman7356 years ago
nice computer
gmjhowe (author)  laxman7356 years ago
your welcome
The Jamalam6 years ago
Jesus christ, this is amazing! How do you come up with this kind of thing?
gmjhowe (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
Thanks! It is normally a mix of whats in my head, and a collective build up of past inspirations.
Wesley16 years ago
Try adding Garlic extract instead of a white Metamorphic Acid Substrate. Like in Blade:)
How this isn't featured is beyond me. Fantastic work. It'd be cool to see a costume to go along with it. :)
gmjhowe (author)  SirBrittanicvs6 years ago
It is featured! But thanks for the kind words!
volquete6 years ago
i gotta make one! added to my summer "make" list
gmjhowe (author)  volquete6 years ago
Be sure to hit me with some pictures if you do!
will do, thx for the ible!
So it is made of card board?----all you need is a pistol like the Semaritin (Hell Boys pistol) and a sword like blade... a cool outfit and then you've got an action hero!
gmjhowe (author)  boogyheadabc6 years ago
I have a handgun and sword already!
gmjhowe (author)  boogyheadabc6 years ago
It would seem are ideas of what 'cool' is, are mis aligned. I do have a mask in the works.
can't just say thanks for the ideas?
hal's armour from fable 2 nice
benwal6 years ago
what is the barrel size (inches or millimeters)
gmjhowe (author)  benwal6 years ago
benwal6 years ago
yeah i might if i get some hinges and some wood and leather
benwal6 years ago
what sought of things do you add to the shotgun like all the 'extras'
benwal6 years ago
hey every night i go on the computer just to have a look at this gun it is so cool
benwal6 years ago
hey i was thinking if i was going to make one i was going to use pvc but what size? also im only 12 but ive got every thing exept hinges i dont no what type of hinges or if a can just use a long piece of metal hey also i was going to make a wooden stained box for it and a wood hanle plz reply i wod love to hear from the master!
Z1236 years ago
You should totally make more Steampunk/Cyberpunk guns... They are awesome! I'm working on a gun myself
mariome1016 years ago
Just thought of something! making this with three barrels that would spin to shoot each shot
gmjhowe (author)  mariome1016 years ago
Yes, that would be a great idea, i decided against three barrels at an early stage.
A.C.E.6 years ago
wow this is beautiful in that vamperic steampunk sort of way. looks like van helsing or ghost rider kind of thing. definately doing this. do you think if i did this with a real shotgun it would still fire? 5 star : )
A.C.E. A.C.E.6 years ago
oh and when i first saw the tiny crescant hole marks on the front part of leather, the first thing i thought of was bite marks, like you used it as a shield or something.
gmjhowe (author)  A.C.E.6 years ago
haha! bite marks, i like that. Im sure you could paint a normal shot gun to look this way, but im not a fan of real guns, too many accidents to make it worth owning one.
___6 years ago
Nice face
mariome101 ___6 years ago
if you were talking to me thanks I designed it myself
mariome1016 years ago
As a substitute could i use pvc pipe
gmjhowe (author)  mariome1016 years ago
Hephestus6 years ago
hey GMJ if you were to make another snotgun how much would you sell it for and would we be able to buy it for our movie? MIKEY
gmjhowe (author)  Hephestus6 years ago
You can commission me to make one, starting price of £100.
if u are willing to sell ill buy 1 and how much do the shells cost to make
gmjhowe (author)  Mr. Lemon6 years ago
This current model has been sold, so I can make one anew for you. Which also means that it can be customized to your liking. One set of shells would be included in the price.
ok. first i would want the 2 barrels lie ing flat instead of on top of each other second do the bullets actually work
tubing 4.JPG
gmjhowe (author)  Mr. Lemon6 years ago
I refuse to maintain conversation further with someone unable to make a difference as to whether the gun fires or not.
Hephestus6 years ago
i have no clue where to get vials :( lol any ideas where i can none of my family are on medication that use vials
gmjhowe (author)  Hephestus6 years ago
Small mouth spray things? Try looking at cheap makeup etc.
Hephestus6 years ago
hey man another amazing project do you mind if me and my mates use your weapons in a film were making will give you credit for them
gmjhowe (author)  Hephestus6 years ago
Sure, as long as you give full credit to myself, thats fine. Also, any advice you want etc, be sure to ask. I can be your offsite props coordinator.
yeah its pretty awsome i think im going to make one and make a movie you should really make hand guns and stuff to and show us how that would be awsome
gmjhowe (author)  lilskaterkid9116 years ago
I have made handguns, and rifles.
JohnMichael6 years ago
I think your "shells" in this instructable were very creative. Thanks for sharing.
gmjhowe (author)  JohnMichael6 years ago
Thanks! And your welcome.
Goolie6 years ago
Maaan thats so coool. But I saw that double-barrel shotguns usually have 2 triggers, one for each barrel. But overall your shot gun (and especially shells) is great!
idogis1 Goolie6 years ago
An over-under shotgun like this usually only has one trigger, side-by-side shotguns have two.
gmjhowe (author)  Goolie6 years ago
Well, i could make something up, but i just couldnt be bother putting in two triggers!
Something I noticed was that most double barrels with side by side barrels have two triggers one for each of the two hammers. But since thats an overunder i dont think it would have two triggers. It could but it doesnt need to. I need to do more research on double barrels... Awesome though fav'd and 5'd
gmjhowe (author)  Flash Gordon6 years ago
Good point! Thanks for the comment.
Thanks. Your welcome.
Kush_Slayer6 years ago
wow, ok btw, that would be more of a double barrel rifle if it worked, a shotgun shoots shot which is a crap load of bbs(anywhere between 200 or more really small ones or 9 large ones about 1/4 inch in diameter) looks kinda cool though
A double barrel rifle has riflings cut or machined into the inside of the barrel, hence rifle. A shot gun can shoot "a crap load of bbs" as well as slugs, rifled slugs, bolo rounds, shock transfer rounds for crowd control, dragon's breath, darts, rock salt/bacon grease*(yes it actually was used though I don't recommend it) secondary propellant based armour piercing rockets, glass ampules, sand and the list goes on.
gmjhowe (author)  Kush_Slayer6 years ago
Well, the vials shatter, sending out a mix of the materials, as a 'shot' Think blobs of liquids opposed to lead pellets.
Shotguns also shoot slugs. which is what this would qualify as.
true, forgot about that
jayeng1236 years ago
what is a gmjboard ?
gmjhowe (author)  jayeng1236 years ago
Its a thick vellum board. Kind of like straw board, but thicker.
HOMEPIE646 years ago
is the correct word "vampiric" or "vampyrical"????
gmjhowe (author)  HOMEPIE646 years ago
who knows.. Its not like they exist really.
Only as far as you know.
the correct term for an object of vampire origin is vampiric
leaper216 years ago
Awsome idea gonna give it a go myself
gmjhowe (author)  leaper216 years ago
Coo, be sure to share some pictures if you do!
BrandonLee6 years ago
how do u keep the vials from sliding outta the barrel when its pointed down? and btw i love this gun came out really great
gmjhowe (author)  BrandonLee6 years ago
I put a couple of screws into the tube as 'blockers'.
deathshells6 years ago
ive posted before but i have recently noticed that at step 3 there werent pointy bits near the metal connectors but on step 4 there were, have you just added cardboard sprayed and painted the same way as the rest of the gun or am i missing something here!?! hope you can help thanks! (i have added images of what i mean)
shot gun no pointy!.jpgshotgun with pointies!.jpg
gmjhowe (author)  deathshells6 years ago
They are just sections of card i added on to make the brackets fit into with the design. Painted to fit in!
thanks for clearing that up! ONE STEP CLOSER TO MAKING IT! oh and also what type of tubes for the barrels are they and where might i get some? fabiric shop spare tubes?
gmjhowe (author)  deathshells6 years ago
Mine originally had laminting plastic sheet on them. Industrial shrink wrap has similair tubes, as does rolls of food bags. Fabric shop, and such are good places to look also. Feel free to ask me as many questions as you need.
cool, thanks again! ill post any more questions if they arise!
keastes6 years ago
now just to figure out how to add an ax blade to the thing or a bayonet
gmjhowe (author)  keastes6 years ago
I very nearly added an extruding metal spike.
keastes gmjhowe6 years ago
that works
pretty cool man! :D
gmjhowe (author)  captaincoolness556 years ago
UberNoober6 years ago
YES. Machinae Supremacy for the win! :D
gmjhowe (author)  UberNoober6 years ago
I'd also like to point out that this is a pretty sweet 'ible. As are all of yours! I think I'd really like to make one of these if I can ever find the time.
gmjhowe (author)  UberNoober6 years ago
"Don't find the time, Make the time." - gmjhowe 16/3/2009
Kaiven gmjhowe6 years ago
I added that on my "you" page xD
gmjhowe (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
Sweet, i should add it to mine.
Madrias3576 years ago
Just a good thing for me it won't kill Werewolves.
gmjhowe (author)  Madrias3576 years ago
It will kill most things. The silver and acid seem to make a difference.
You'd think the silver would make it more effective against werewolves...or am I stereotyping ? Anyway, that is an awesome prop. Thanks for the Instructable
Only against betas. Alphas are resistant. I know a bit of wolven lore, as far as that goes...
gmjhowe (author)  billybobo36 years ago
Thanks for the comment! Im glad you like it.
deathshells6 years ago
im hoping im not too late, i noticed that someone asked if youd sell it and im wondering is it still up for offer?
gmjhowe (author)  deathshells6 years ago
Unfortunatly this one has been sold. My other ones are for sale feel free to ask a price on any of them. Or you can commision me for one. Or I can sort out supplying some materials.
damn it! oh well this still looks awesome ill just make one myself! great instructable!
rhino1324566 years ago
does it shoot for real?
gmjhowe (author)  rhino1324566 years ago
Please read the instructable.
corey116 years ago
Dude this thing looks wicked cool!!
gmjhowe (author)  corey116 years ago
-JESUS-6 years ago
Wow! that's pretty cool. I would make it as a prop if it wasn't counted as a real gun in Australia, i would also use metal and wood. good work though!
gmjhowe (author)  -JESUS-6 years ago
Im in the uk. It is technically illegal here also. But, with it being a prop, and not a replica, its a bit of a loop hole. If they raid my house though, ima have alot splainin to do.
Dude, you made an over-under double barrel shotgun. For killing vampires. That's AWESOME.
gmjhowe (author)  firebird116926 years ago
Thanks! Thats a pretty awesome comment to get.
although pretty cool if your a 10 year old
kerns6 years ago
Nice explanations and cool project. I think your unadorned bolt/screw heads detract though... too mundane! Could you wipe over a bit of putty and touch on some more paint to hide their true nature?
gmjhowe (author)  kerns6 years ago
maybe a dap of epoxy resin and a bit of touch up with a sharpy and silver paint? thanks for the comment!
amakerguy6 years ago
To make this instructable you NEED to LOOK at the pictures VERY CLOSELY. you do not describe how you keep the barrel from folding farther then it needs to, and how it stays closed and not open up all the time, and where to get a template for the handle (not everone has a sniper). :-o
gmjhowe (author)  amakerguy6 years ago
I've amended the hinge step with further description relating to the pictures. Regarding the sniper, I've added a link to my sniper rifle ible, so people can figure it out. Originally, for the shape, i just got a couple of web pictures up on screen, then sketched it by hand.
That better, not great but good enough for people to understand it better.
gmjhowe (author)  amakerguy6 years ago
Indeed, but as with alot of my ibles, its not a specific follow exactly guide, things differ alot on the items used. Most people will manage fine with their own commons sense.
Thats true. I'm working on finding the parts for this ible, I already have the barrels, I'm trying to get the handle shape and cardboard. Then the hinge.
gmjhowe (author)  amakerguy6 years ago
cool, any more question do ask, and be sure to show me a finished pic!
mikeEinsein6 years ago
2 thingz. 1: are you doing any new projects? 2: in the next few weeks look around on this site for sum new cyberpunk pistols. I made dem sveet!
gmjhowe (author)  mikeEinsein6 years ago
I have many many project ideas. But, as for current projects, 1. The book of time, and 3 'decoder' books, as well as an instrument for reading said book 2. The Liquid Blade of The Three Deserts - spear sword 3. Multi-missile pepper box pistol
my confirmed projects include a bulky junk gun with break-in-half action, a futuristic bladerunner type gun, and a compact one barrel sawed-off shotgun. my only set back is the knowledge of how to do a sweet paint job, like the one used in your vampiric shotgun, and lack of a digital camera.
gmjhowe (author)  mikeEinsein6 years ago
The dry brushing really isnt that hard, i can explain it more via a PM if you wish?
sounds like a plan. just one question, what's PM
gmjhowe (author)  mikeEinsein6 years ago
If you click on my name, you will get to my profile, once there, cast your eyes to my avatar, then just below that, is a button bearing the name Private Message, this being the elusive PM, that we speak of.
I say. Since i have absolutley no money and i love your work, why dont i trade weapons with you?
gmjhowe (author)  mikeEinsein6 years ago
I will keep my eye out, i tend to browse all the recent ones.
I,m planning to make a Cyber-punk lever action rifle. i just need to find the time
gmjhowe (author)  theblackalbum1106 years ago
like the one he uses in terminator? Make the time. I cut out TV in order to make things.
Blade should've used that on Dracula... If you've seen Blade:Trinity
gmjhowe (author)  BioMaster12996 years ago
Yeah ive seen Blade trinity! Would have stood no chance...
ajk976 years ago
Here it is all i need to do is add the leather
gmjhowe (author)  ajk976 years ago
Very nice! should look pretty sweet with the leather on.
mg0930mg6 years ago
Can I have your V for Vendetta poster.. Hehe.
Meroki6 years ago
dude that is awesome, could i like...commision one off of you? btw nice choice in music x3
gmjhowe (author)  Meroki6 years ago
You can purchase this one if you want. I don't have room for it.
Meroki gmjhowe6 years ago
what would it cost?
gmjhowe (author)  Meroki6 years ago
id be looking for about £40 for it.
Meroki gmjhowe6 years ago
oh, um i need to find out how much that is in USD
gmjhowe (author)  Meroki6 years ago
40.00 GBP = 59.8486 USD

You got good conversion atm... few months back that would of been 80 USD
$60. HMM.. I want that. I need money though...
your gonna shoot your eye out
ajk976 years ago
I made one and its sweet! (*-*_)
gmjhowe (author)  ajk976 years ago
Kaiven6 years ago
Very nice, indeed. I still have not trained myself to apply much detail to my things.
gmjhowe (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
You will, give it time.
Kaiven gmjhowe6 years ago
Ah, well, let's just see what happens to my future gun models ;)
gmjhowe (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
Well, you always welcome to pm/comment me any time for help. I look forward to seeing some of them! Even if you don't manage a full ible, be sure to at least put slideshows up. (i know they don't get as many views, but i love to absorb other peoples ways of working and ideas)
NinjaSloth6 years ago
what is PVA?
gmjhowe (author)  NinjaSloth6 years ago
Wood glue, or elmers glue.
jwomack946 years ago
Those vials look suspiciously like insulin vials for a Novopen. (My son is Type 1 diabetic) Great use for them.
gmjhowe (author)  jwomack946 years ago
Yeah, my mum supplies me with them! Great thing to use.
jwomack946 years ago
How do you keep the hinge closed when 'in action'? Is there a latch that I can't see?
gmjhowe (author)  jwomack946 years ago
the tightness of the bolt that it pivots on is enough to hold it in place. You could add magnets however.
Nattwood6 years ago
im going to be builduing a working and firing pump action crossbow as well (or as soon as i get to a hardware store anyway) so if anyone wants an instructable plz tell me so i can start it soon
gmjhowe (author)  Nattwood6 years ago
Kiteman Says..
ok then i will post everything, but i dont know how long it will be its still kinda in planning and prototyping, but as soon as i get started on the full thing i will post.
gmjhowe (author)  Nattwood6 years ago
thats fine, make sure to take your time, i always get a much better end result if i take my time.
well im on holidays now until 27th of jan so i might have it finished by then it all depends
gmjhowe (author)  Nattwood6 years ago
well, if you need some pointers feel free to PM me etc, or you can talk to me directly in the Instructables Chatroom im the head Moderator, so im in there alot..
ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
Just a question, what do the silver nitrate and acid do? I mean, the c-4s kinda obvious...
gmjhowe (author)  ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
Silver nitrate - vampire alergic to silver, also handy for werewolves. Acid, just damages most things...
Vampires aren't allergic to silver... I personally would put garlic paste in it's place.
gmjhowe (author)  ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
and you have taken out how many vampires? trust me, they do not like silver...
I've met enough vampires to know they are not affected by silver.
gmjhowe (author)  ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
Met, but not slain... hmmm
Well, from what I've read, some vampires may have an aversion to silver. Still, I would put garlic in there.
gmjhowe (author)  ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
Well, from what I've read

Well, from what i have experienced, although silver is not lethal, it weakens their bodily forms, which allows the acid and c4 to do their thing.

Garlic, they just don't like the taste of... it doesn't do them any harm..
You could put garlic chunks inside the silver vial. That way you both are satisfied.
They don't like silver. My Cousin's one, and he'd know.
That's what I'm saying, put garllic chunks into the silver. That way they are weakened. Shoot it into their mouth, it burns/hurts them, and they don't like the taste.
Just do what Van Hellsing did to his stakes, put Holy Water in them.
True, I forgot the holy water.
Holy water soaked stakes smeared with garlic, with bits of sliver on it. Perfect.
Actually, Hellsing had a vial at the top aof a stake that contained holy water, so the water is injecteed into the vampire and kills it from the inside.
gmjhowe (author)  Mr. Brownie6 years ago
well if were gonna go that far, i will get to work on some UV rounds... sure to do the trick..
Yes, Muy Bien! haha, Nice idea.
Yaaaaaay!!!!! Hellsing!!!!!
Holy water is just one of those strange religious beliefs that I don't get. What makes it holy, a strange man that talks to it?
"Ahhhhh, vampires! coming down from the hills! Quick Boby, get out the garlic paste....
Nattwood6 years ago
nice idea i like it, im thinking of doin one but crossing it with this
gmjhowe (author)  Nattwood6 years ago
Nice, kind like a shortened three barrel shotgun idea - i did think about going for more than two barrels, but bumpus quickly put me back in my place.
Chrysaor6 years ago
That Gun is amazing! But sorry, being the newbie!, I cant work out how you load the shells without them going all the way down the tubes and falling out? :| Dumb question, I know, but just can't work it out (",)
gmjhowe (author)  Chrysaor6 years ago
I put a couple of bolts in the barrel which act as stoppers, thanks for the comment
Thanks for clearing that up :) You've really inspired me to make one now. Thanks for posting your build and picture of the end result. Awesome!!!!!! :D Right off to Wickes tomorrow morning then :) !!
gmjhowe (author)  Chrysaor6 years ago
haha! yes, alot of stuff comes from there, including the hinge i use on most my handguns!
but doesn't work.....useless....
gmjhowe (author)  tallfuzzyone6 years ago
Its a prop, its useful as a decoration for a home (talking piece) or to sell for lots of money to indie film makers.
Have you sold any of yours?
gmjhowe (author)  mg0930mg6 years ago
not yet, but working on it!
I've seen steampunkk nerf guns go for $600 for the cs longshot. Your's could easily go for that amount. Good Luck!
You would make a lot. I know I'd easily pay $50+ bucks for one of them guns. If I had the money.
One thing I've always wanted to do is take apart a camera and rig up the flash so at the press of a button it would go off in the barrel.
gmjhowe (author)  Damage, Inc.6 years ago
I have a camera flash gun, awaiting this purpose - you can buy flash guns that clip onto cameras, most the time they have a test feature - saves tearing anything apart, or resoldering etc.
ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
Best one so far, definitely. Hmmm...... I might even be able to make this one, if I do, I'll post some pics.
gmjhowe (author)  ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
Nice, i look forward to some pictures!
temp6 years ago
it would be awesome if it was like... real. but it's not =( ...sigh
mikeEinsein6 years ago
I've Been admiring your work for a while and I must say, this might be one of your best pieces to date. Keep it up! Also on another note, I'm new to the cyberpunk scene, so any tips you might have could be very helpfull
gmjhowe (author)  mikeEinsein6 years ago
Make it look like its old, and grungy - try not to over complicate things, a partial dry brushed effect always works, there is always something a bit future like about things, normally relating to computers, etc. Thanks for the comment.
Thanks! Oh, and by the way, My name is supposed to be mikeEinstein but my forgettfulness made it look like Einsein. I'm also working on a project making an airsoft gun look CP. I could send a pic and you could give me suggestions.
gmjhowe (author)  mikeEinsein6 years ago
Id love to look at some pics, and offer advice.
Cool! Just as soon as I get a digital cam. I'll post'em
Oh! and I might have a lead on an old webcam so I might just post the thing on my you tube account.
gmjhowe (author)  mikeEinsein6 years ago
sounds good.
mikeEinsein6 years ago
also, an anti freak hand cannon could go nicely with the shotgun.
does it really shoot?
Yes, cardboard tubes and tinfoil is a major component in all modern firearms.
gmjhowe (author)  omnibot6 years ago
Haha! thats the funniest comment ive read in a while.
omnibot gmjhowe6 years ago
this comment is sarcasm-free
Yes, but unfortunately only at vampires...
gmjhowe (author)  voltskaterzb6 years ago
... Try reading the ible! :P
Brennn106 years ago
The king of cyberpunk strikes once again. This looks sweet!
gmjhowe (author)  Brennn106 years ago
Thanks! Its nice to be called to king of cyberpunk, instead of steampunk!
Haha, well I guess cyberpunk is a mix between the internet and steampunk. Of which you utilize both!
gmjhowe (author)  Brennn106 years ago
Real nice 'ible, it looks great and I love the shells. Also, nice choice on music for the video . \m/ Machinae Supremacy \m/
gmjhowe (author)  MatrixPhreak6 years ago
YEAH! MACHINAE SUPREMACY! Thanks for the comment, the shells were my fav part, they are what make it different.
chiok6 years ago
Next to your creative ability, is your painting abilities. I always like the paint effect you achieve on your items that have that "antique firearm" look that some of my actual guns have. Beautiful work again sir!
gmjhowe (author)  chiok6 years ago
Everyone loves the paint jobs, ive done it so many times now, its like second nature! Thanks for the comment.
bumpus6 years ago

gmjhowe (author)  bumpus6 years ago
I can picture the way you pronounce those words perfectly.
=SMART= gmjhowe6 years ago
Hahaha yea me too :D
Kiteman =SMART=6 years ago
Sort of a faraway dreaming look, combined with a slack jaw and just little too much drool...
gmjhowe (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
haha, with a little twist of evil?
=SMART= gmjhowe6 years ago
haha like a mad scientist
jeff-o6 years ago
Now why didn't Buffy think of this? ;)
gmjhowe (author)  jeff-o6 years ago
Well, im not sure why. There was that episode where she used a rocket launcher?
jeff-o gmjhowe6 years ago
Oh, I'm sure. In general though, she tends to stick with sharp and pointed weapons. I suppose that it would have been more accurate to ask why Blade didn't think of this. ;)
crapflinger6 years ago
just my opinion but it looks a lot more resident evil than it does cyberpunk...but i guess that's more a state of mind than a look...
gmjhowe (author)  crapflinger6 years ago
Perhaps, i see what you mean, kinda grungy, like the games.
still nifty looking though
KentsOkay6 years ago
That has got to be the most bad ass gun TO DATE. Congrats, 5 star!
See, silly JimyJoe no think me post a comment..
Sunbanks6 years ago
That's really awesome looking! :D How long did it take you to make?
gmjhowe (author)  Sunbanks6 years ago
Ive been working on it and other things for about 5 weeks or so now.
=SMART=6 years ago
Very very cool ! It looks really good ! I love the vial shells !!
gmjhowe (author)  =SMART=6 years ago
Thanks smart! they are what make it really..