Ok, well, as many of you know, bumpus loves a shotgun, for a while he has been demanding encouraging me to build one.

Thanks to Kiteman for kindly point out many just a few mistakes in my write up.

Recently I came across the perfect tubes at work, hence, this project began - firstly, a little video.

The shotgun it self is a fairly normal shotgun, the shells are the special part, each shell is made up from three chambers or 'vials' Each shell contains three substances,

  • A liquid Silver Nitrate Composite
  • A white Metamorphic Acid Substrate
  • And a viscous C4 explosive gel

One shot from this baby, and even the most elder Vampire will fall

Now, on with the how to.

Step 1: The barrel and handle

Ok firstly, you have to make the base.

I held the two tubes together using some big pegs, I then ran PVA glue down the seem, once dry, this holds them together nicely - repeat for either side.

Using the template for the handle on my sniper, I modified it for a sawn off shotgun, I needed to make this one quite wide, so it had two layers of corrugated card, and two layers of dense gmjboard (thick velum mount board stuffs)

I then build up the top of the gun using more of the gmjboard.

Glue the layers together, let the whole lot dry.
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OMG ppl. u crack me up. He's just making it sound cool. It doesn't matter on the realism. No... silver doesn't kill vampires which aren't real in the first place. This is an amazing instructable. Thank you so much man. This officially inspired me. YOU ROCK.
that is blasphemy

and the fact that silver isn't for vampires, vampires get killed by removing their heads

Doctor991 year ago


nice work man, that is sooooo awesome
ps. how long was the barrel
AcornWoah2 years ago
This is legendary...
Terranan2 years ago
Origin v2 then Winterstorm!
I love Winterstorm....
sonofstone3 years ago
do you work with wood sometimes? i'm building a sawn-off double barrel hunting rifle, stock is already been built, barrels welded together, all i need is a hinge, could you help me out on this part?
Came across this again recently, and your "shell" design is giving me some ideas...
Though one question... the song in your video you say it's by Machinae Supremacy... but what is the song title?
gmjhowe (author)  BrefelanDesigns3 years ago
Thanks! Do share if you create anything. The title is 'Winterstorm'
Thanks for the track info!
I have so many Projects In Progress (or PIPs as I call them)

Hopefully will have finished my Star Wars prop (a prototype version of a lightsaber, in the style of steampunk.) finished before the 25th! There is a local celebration of the 35th anniversary of the first movie, that I want to show off the prop at..

It originally was supposed to be done for May 4th (Int. Star Wars Day), but I goofed up on the month, I though it was next month!
gmjhowe (author)  BrefelanDesigns3 years ago
That sounds awesome. I look forward to seeing it.
faustoyacob3 years ago
brupielink3 years ago
That's one hell of a shotgun! Gonna try it myself if i have the materials.
One tiny bit of criticism though.
The vial shells are a great idea and really suit it, but i might be a good idea to
finish the ends of the shells so they look more round and solid, like it's really sealing it off for safety, or to have some sort of acryllic/glass tube/vial over the entire shell itself, making it solid.
c4 is pressure sensitive
no it's not.

Hugh pressure ANd high impact ANd high temperature
it depends on what its made of and what form its in
monkeys984 years ago
awesome, simply awesome
Sabinbp4 years ago
those shells look very familiar i saw them in a final fantasy movie or episode of somekind
mastiffman4 years ago
Very well done; thanks
sonofstone4 years ago
why c4, why not nitroglycerine?
DustySeven74 years ago
Two things. First C4 is what is known as a plastic explosive. It is extremely stable due to the explosive substance being mixed with the plastic. Fire, heat, and electricity will not cause C4 to explode. It takes a special charge of small explosive inserted into it. This causes a reaction in the C4 that make it explode. That is why you see soldiers insert the little metal tube into it. And Second Silver will not kill a vampire, it will only harm them. The only way to kill a vampire with silver would be to have a silver stake go through the heart.
eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
Not to be too technical or anything, but C4 needs electricity to blow up. Just saying. Nice Instructable, by the way.
No, it does not require electricity.
Yes, it does. It says in some army field manuals that you can burn c4 and get a strong plastic.
I'll second that.
Sadly, you are both wrong. There are no stabilized, man-portable, explosives that require electricity to detonate. I could go into detail, but this is not the venue for that.
So how else would you detonate it? Fire? If so, all it would do is just burn like fuel and turn into plastic.
Like you say C4 will not explode if on fire(in the second world war some burnt it a safe cooking material).

However putting electricity through C4 will not make it explode. Explosives like C4 are known as "secondary explosives" meaning they need a kick start to explode, for instance some farmers use ANFO(another secondary explosive) to remove stumps(etc.) if they don't have access to blasting caps they use a shot from a high powered rifle to the explosive this achieves the same thing as a blasting cap.

It introduces shock/energy into the explosive somewhat like a starter motor on a truck. 

By the way some blasting caps are triggered by electricity.

Cheers, Mattrox
Could use just a coin cell battery in one end with two metal prongs on the other, when they hit the body, the blood of your target is the conductor setting on the explosive charge :)
True... Salty fluid is a very good conductor.
bit of resistance though
I know it is just supposed to give a story to it but shouldn't one of the vials have holy water?
I would think holy water, liquified garlic, and silver. (Just to cover all the bases.)
Go Hellboy on them. Holy Water, garlic, silver nitrate, etc.
i prefer blade's method. 3 inch silver stakes 12 ga rouphly = 50 cal, so supa bullet. we're talkin like 4-6 inch shells here.
haha this is true
isnt the only thing that kills them are wooden stakes?
not at all. watch the blade series. silver, uv light, stakes, beheading or dismemberment
sorry yer i wasnt thinking straight ummm.... uv light works so does stakes and beheading but i've never heard of silver before
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