Hey Instructables,
 This is my first project on the site and i am participating for the design competition, so if you find my project nice, please do vote for me.
My hobby is to paint and make things, and i came across many of VAN GOGH paintings, which inspired me a lot, i also thank art attacks, anchor Neil Buchanan for his art ideas, because, i developed a lot of my skill, by watching his episodes.  In my project, i am gona paint a canvas of his portrait, (which  took me 1.5 days(for drying..) . a sculptic prop of a coffee spill and a miniature object made of clay, I have made 3 projects, and all of these are my contributions to the instructable website.
 On my first art (canvas), besides from painting, i have also added my own tips as well my own design structure.(e.g. turning a papyrus into a canvas cloth).  For the material, i used paper, and gave it a polish(later explained) to give it the appearance of an ancient canvas.
For any suggestions, please use the comment section, which is always welcome.

SO enjoy.

ANSWERS for the make to lear contest


 In this project, i have drawn a portrait on Van Gogh, the great artist. I really like his models, so as a contribution, i have made it on his name. I have also built a mini-bust, on a famous personality, patrick-stewart. The whole making time, was 8 hours, for the portrait and the bust.


I made this as a part of my school- art exhibition project. The idea of making it on a a4 and then turning it into a canvas, struck me by thought. For making the old canvas, i used coffee powder, and water, and just sprayed, it on the paper, which, within a matter of minutes, was turned into an old canvas sheet. For painting the portrait, i used standard, acrylic, colors, and a paint brush. I even got help, from my art tutor, who explained to me about the colors to use.


  I usually have a lot of time, after school, so, to counter all the boredom, and inexitement, i thought of making this. I made this at home, with the help of my art and office supplies. I used my study table, where i keep all of my art stuff. 


       I learned that, if you are willing to, put your heart into anything, u can get the best out of your talent and ideas, cuz, with hard work comes great achievement. Art, isn't all about just drawing what you see, but it is the way we perceive objects. AND, If wedo have the ideals to perceive objects, in art, we get the best out of our abilities. My advice, to all, those, who love art, but can't interpret, it without their hands, is that,.. Learning from our mistakes, becomes the true success,  and without learning to try, we achieve nothing. In my case, by drawing, i learned what my true styles are, and how i can improve my drawing skills.

 I hope you like it!!

Step 1: Create an ancient portrait

hey, so my first project is on potrait works. I have tried to add pics on each and every detail, i hope u can follow my steps.


1) An a3/a4 paper. (for beginners i personally recommend a4)
2) Coffee powder ( to add in the effects)
3) Acrylic paint;; or if u have poster. u can change it into acrylic by adding on some white pvc glue(elmers) and mix it with water.

ADDITIONAL requirement: water, scissors, pencil, felt tip pen.


i will start with the steps on next page... pls continue reading

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