Step 4: 4) Finished!

Congratulations, your picture is now complete! Photograph it, disassemble it, and fry it up. It’s breakfast time somewhere!

And remember, kids: uncooked meat is unsafe to eat! 
i LOVE this!:) Too bad My mom Hates the bacon smell :(
Awesome its all i can say
this is not their work.
It is my work, I promise.
There must be a way to cook it assembled and video it cooking.
I love your bacon work and this Van Gogh is my favorite but I read something that causes me to convulsively twitch every time i see it. You said, "This is a picture of layers, so start first with the swirling cloud, and then move onto the sun and the stars." The Sun is in fact the Moon. I'd suggest changing this one particular word, at least for my sake :), so I can stop these convulsive twitches.
Oh! Thank you! I didn't even notice. It's fixed now!
Also, you mentioned you didn't know how to transfer it from the cutting board to the baking sheet to bake it. If you could get a large enough baking sheet you could transfer it first to another cutting board then to the baking sheet. To do this get the same size cutting board you already have and place it on top of the one you have the bacon on. Then press them together, I'd advise c clamps cause they'll hold it together better and wont slip, and then flip the boards. Now you'll have the bottom of the bacon picture on top. Place the larger baking sheet over that and do another flip. I would suggest maybe coating it in water first and freezing as this will hold the image together better and keep it from slipping around. then bake and post pics.
aaaaaaaah<br>next time, we eat a tiger!
Disassemble? No way! Do this same thing, but in a baking dish. Then bake it. Possibly incorporate cheese in some way. Maybe use a clear dish and a layer of cornbread batter across the top...
How about &quot;The Scream&quot;? Figure in bacon, the rest of the painting in vegan food?
Seriously, this bacon pandemic has gotten out of hand. I understand this could really be considered art, but.... it was only created because it was going to be made out of bacon. I would argue it wasn't created just for the art. <br> <br>Its getting old. It's wasteful. You have too much time on your hands.
&quot;you&quot; as in the bacon movement / remembrance. <br> <br>I applaud you for the work, it looks great. But how about we move to lesser known and less appriciated foods. <br> <br>No disrespect meant towards you in particular, but really. Stop with the bacon.
Wait, do you think you could just do this in a pan and bake it?
When I first made it I wasn't at all thinking of baking the finished product, but I think it would do very well baked. Maybe a slow, long, low temperature dry baking?
Hi there:<br><br>I love your bacon &quot;Starry Night&quot; instructional guide. I want to do a post about it for LA Weekly's food blog, Squid Ink. Can I use the photo of the finished art to illustrate the post? We will, of course, credit and link back to you. Thanks.
This is truly great!! I was in a master of fine art class when I worked on my bacon potholder. We need to collaborate on something on line as now my mindis totally greasy! I made potholder out of turkey bacon one time, veggie bacon another and regular another. Then I joined Weight Watchers after cutting all that fat apart. <br> <br>Polkadot mom
This is really special. I once saw the original at the MoMA, and I actually teared up. Were I to see this up close I would surely break down sobbing.<br><br>I would, out of morbid curiosity, like to see it baked as-is.
Oh yes!!! I was just thinking the same thing. Bake it! Just pop it in the oven. I bet it'd really bring out the 'colors'.
I know! I really want to bake it, but it's fairly large and I can't quite figure out how to move it from the plastic cutting board without damaging it.<br><br>That being said, it's spent the last three weeks in my freezer. The colors have come out more - in a freezer-burn sort of way.
Looks good enough to eat. lol
Holy Moley: That is funny and looks great!!! One of my
favorite paintings!
I love the monochrome effect - next stop: Picasso's Guernica!
Amazing Job!!! I never knew you could turn bacon into art....well, bacon is an art all by itself I guess!!!! <br>
I'm shocked by the variety of color and texture you can make from bacon. Beautifully executed!
Awesome job!
Job well done!
very nice
Superfantastic! <br>
This is rad! I gave you my vote, good luck!
Very impressive! I'm not an artist but as a abstractionist I must say this is very "post modern"!

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