Van Privacy Inserts





Introduction: Van Privacy Inserts

Need an easy way to reduce heat and increase privacy? Here you go!

Using space blankets and cardboard, you can protect your vehicle from the sun and peeping eyes.

A perfect way to increase your camping efficiency!

Step 1: Supplies and Template

I used:

  • Brown packing paper (from an Amazon delivery)
  • Cardboard from boxes
  • Scissors
  • Utility blade
  • Marking utensil (pen/pencil/marker)

Roughly cut out a sheet to cover the window fully

Trace out the outline of the window with a marking implement

Trace around and mark out any hinges/antennas/latches on the windows

Step 2: Paper to Cardboard

Cut out the paper template and trace out onto cardboard

Carefully cut out the template and fit into window to test it's shape

Trim and reshape till the template fits snugly next to the window

Step 3: Wrap and Tape

Place the template onto a square of space blanket (or solar shield) slightly larger than the template

tape the long edges down before folding over and taping down the curves and edges with shape turns

Step 4: Repeat and Fit

Since the left and right mirror each other, I only had to trace out three windows: the driver-side center, driver-side rear, and rear window.

It took seconds to install, just pop it into the window!

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Instead of tape how about spray adhesive.

Great idea! I am working a version 2 for this project.

Cool idea. You can make it look more attractive on the inside by covering the tape and folded over sheeting with a piece of fabric, or more reflector fabric. (Maybe that's just the girly girl in me! :-)