This took me about a half of a year to build so it is very special to me. The Van de Graaff Generator is to the right and the grounded part is to the left.
<p>Best band ever!</p>
does anyone know how to make a discharge wand. I am confused
How did you make the grounder?
can I use tin as the bowl
Im using a rubber belt as the belt must the brushes touch
do the bowls have to be aluminium ?
I am making a van de Graaff for my school project and I am using a site that you will find at http://mark.rehorst.com/Van_de_Graaff/index.html plz can you tell me if you have to use your hand to make a spark or can you use the pole type thing used in this instructable to make the spark? if so how and where do I connect it ? please answer quick ,its urgent thx
How did this take that long to build? and where is the intructable?????????
Thanks for reading, half a year. Also, I got made this from the instructable How to Make a Table-Top Van de Graaff Generator by DevCoder.
the van de graff would be on the right no?
Ya, very sorry, changed right away.

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