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Introduction: Vanellope Von Schweetz Hair Candy

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So Vanellope Von Shweetz, definitely one of my favorite characters from "Wreck-It Ralph." She has this amazing hair design which is sprinkled with every type of candy. Which really pops against her black hair, hence why the rainbow wig isn't here right now. After looking around at the different methods of making her hair decoration I eventually decided that I really wanted to try the effect with REAL candy. Yup everything in my hair is real candy, but it's water proof and perfectly mobile.

Step 1: Gather Materials!

1. 16-18 Gauge wire. You can match the wire to your hair color but if you're doing Vanellope than you want black.

2. Wire Cutters

3. Needle nose pliers with TAPE over the ends. This is to protect the wire and the pliers!

4. Epoxy Resin, don't try this with Polyester resin it will not work.

5. Candy of various shapes. If you want Vanellope's exact candy shapes you're going to have to go to the internet, but drugstore candies work ok if you want to get close. GUMMY BEARS DO NOT WORK.

6. Industrial Strength Glue

7. Disposable Plastic Cups

8. Straws

9. Cardboard to set the candies on during their drying and hardening times.

Step 2: Follow the Video!

Whether you want to replicate Vanellope's hair, or you just think you need to add some sweetness this works really well. The nice thing with all the candies being individual is you can easily decide just how crazy you want to go.
Hope you enjoy your new hair, I keep finding excuses to put them in my hair personally.



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    Oh man this is great! I love putting weird crap in my hair and I love the way the little spirals totally disappear when they're installed!

    1 reply

    Thanks! Yeah they work surprisingly well. I can definitely jump about and they don't move barely at all.

    are they real candies? i love to eat them rather putting on my

    1 reply

    They are real candies, but you don't want to eat them once I've dipped them in resin.

    How have you not seen this movie? It's such a good movie, well it's a great movie if you love old video games, it's pretty good if you just like movies. Thanks for the compliment!

    I know, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the world who hasn't seen it! haha

    very cool idea for using candy.

    I know, but I've never seen a hat that I wanted to eat before! Great Job, Eh!

    wow I love this! I especially like the twist in your hair approach. You should check it out sometime Danger. It's a great move ;3

    1 reply

    Yeah I saw the design on something from like Claires, only they charged like 5 bucks per hair decoration. Seem to pretty easy to replicate, so I did.

    This is so SWEET!! You rock!