Picture of Vanilla Milk Shake
These are the materials that you will need to make a Vanilla Milk Shake....
1 blinder
1 Magic Shell Chocolate syrup
1 Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
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Step 1: Adding ingrediants

Picture of Adding ingrediants
Start by adding 10 scoops of Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream to make
a glass of the Milkshake.

Step 2: Adding Sugar

Picture of Adding Sugar
After you added the Ice Cream start by adding 2 scoops of Pure Cane Sugar.

Step 3: Adding ice

Picture of Adding ice
After adding in the Ice Cream and Sugar Start by Adding in Ice.
And get ready to blind!

Step 4: BLind!

Picture of BLind!

Step 5: Done

Picture of Done
Know when done blinding start pouring in a glass but don't fill the
glass all the way so you can have room for a scoop of ice cream.

Step 6: Fill

Picture of Fill
Know don't fill all the way so you can have room for ice cream.

Step 7:

Picture of
After pouring as much as you want add a medium size scoop on top.

Step 8: Finally Done

Picture of Finally Done
Then add the chocolate and your done! (please leave a comment!)
muddog152 years ago
thebeef25 years ago
Haha, Nice Instructable anyway.

hi1115 years ago
 blend not blind
lemonie6 years ago
Looks right to me! But in what part of the world do you live that calls the machine a blinder? (it's a new word to me) L
dchall86 years ago
First of all, congratulations on living in a part of the world where Blue Bell ice cream is available. You are one of life's lottery winners!! But why would you adulterate Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream by diluting it with water and...chocolate.