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This is my version of a modern day Tuffet, If Miss Muffet were here, I think she would find this little stool perfect for sitting on while she ate her curds and whey! I needed a seat for my antique vanity but didn't have a lot of money. I wanted a chair that I could sit on while I applied my make-up and then tucked out of the way while not in use. It also needed to be lightweight so that it wouldn't leave scratches on my new wood laminate floor. A few years ago I made a chair out of cans, that's where I got the idea to make a smaller version out of larger cans. I attached some small casters that allow the stool to roll with ease.  This is a pretty piece of furniture, but it is also quite sturdy!  Total cost of this project was about $15. 

Step 1: Supplies needed

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24 Large juice cans, (46 ounces). Make sure the cans have been rinsed out very well and allowed to dry completely. Do NOT remove the tops of the cans! this is very important, open with a "church key" (a pointy type can opener punched in on opposite sides of the top of the can.), This step keeps the cans very strong. Make sure the cans have been rinsed out very well and allowed to dry completely.  hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, Newspapers, piece of plywood 13" x 17", jigsaw, set of 4 casters, sewing machine, thread, straight pins, an old pair of jeans and shipping tape.
parisusa1 year ago
You are too much! I can't believe what is under that tuffet! I never would think of that! Neat idea...and so pretty! Your photos and written directions are very clear! Thank you!
elewis032 years ago
Awesome job! It looks great. Don't forget to enter it into the contest!