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About: I'm a Designer, Creator, Inventor. #1 Hobby - brainstorming. I invented the Unicorn Poop cookie, as published here on instructables. And now I am a metalsmith. <3

I knew that I wanted to do something crazy with these glasses, it ended up becoming an open-faced veil made of up-cycled gems.  I am naming this type of jewelry a Vanity Veil because it's a framed display, to show off one's face instead of hiding it.  :)  I'm not sure if I would be bold enough to wear this jewelry face veil out in public, but I wore it at home to lip sync to Lady Gaga - Scheibe or Scheiße.  It stayed on really well!  

It's made from a pair of white sunglasses with the lenses popped out, the frames taken apart in certain places with a wood burner, melted away.  Then I sanded the rough edges with a nail file so it wouldn't hurt my face.  I attached the pearls via jump rings on the sides and the heart brooch, broke off the pin, wired it tight so it wouldn't slide.  Hope you enjoy this newly invented jewelry piece!

Oh, and you don't need to watch the video.  It's rather embarrassing that I figured out the gibberish lyrics and did this at 4am.  It's just to show you that the piece stays in place!  And...that I'm crazy.

I forgot!  I'm also a fan of tribal fusion belly dance, and this is a perfect belly dance veil, too!  Dancers love to glam it up with the craziest accessories and this is perfect for the tribal fusion look.  :) Here are two of my favorite videos to see what I am talking about - Sherri !!! and Amalia !!!  And as ladycroft108 suggested in a comment, it would be great for a genie costume! :)



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    I love this :D it reminds me of the face mask from The Cell

    Haha, I love it.

    Lady Gaga ftw. Not trying to nitpick, but I'd like to point out that if you don't use the ß symbol in Scheiße it would properly become Scheisse, since it's pronounced with the hard S. ^^

    This is very cool, and I laughed out loud making many people look at me when I read your care bear comment! Well done!

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    that is definitely very creative. i don't think i've ever seen a veil quite like that before?

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    very clever! This would be perfect for a genie costume!
    btw very funny vid, and this is coming from someone who routinely runs around the house belting out My Chemical Romance songs at odd hours!

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    you reminded me of something that i left out, and you're totally right about the genie look! :D thank you!!