Introduction: Vanlife Cheap Lab for Electronic Hobiest.

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main idea.

I do not have enough space to make a large electronic lab. so I need some thing compact to practice or create new projects. so I thinks about making a small cardboard lab having many functions but take less space. you can also use in your van if you are an electronic lovers.

the box I chose is 67 cm by 45 cm

some necessary things.

1.arduino kit

2.bread board

3.prototyping pcbs


5.some passive components


7.soldering iron

8.decent workspace


many stuff is required so I will mention it with steps

Step 1: Arduino Kit

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now a days microcontrollers are being heart of many circuits one of the most famous microcontroller is can buy an arduino kit but if you want to keep it cheap you can found a box and put all arduino based things in it. you will need following things.

1.bread board.

I will put my breard board on the top of work bench

2.juper wires

I will arrange the jumper wires in order of lengts and types.


I will put two arduino neon in the box


screens, matrics etc


you can buy some cheap light, ultrasonic distance sensor etc

Step 2: Making Soldering Iron.

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We do not have a 220v supply in our van so the consumption of soldering iron must be minimum. I will make a 10- 20v soldering iron. I will power it with 2 9v batteries.

lets go!

for making a small soldering wire you will need

1.a power source

2.thin nails

3.long wire

4.a small wood piece

5.a stick r pen to make a holder

I will send current in the nails and then join the tips of our nails. when i send current due to very small connection and high resistance the tip of nails get hot.

you can see the pictures.

Step 3: Next Step

Picture of Next Step

the next step is all about arranging as many stuff as you the box.i have use card board for saprating. I have made a 3x3 matricx box to put all component seprate from each other.

you can improve it by using paint. but due to some issues I have to conclude this project at here.

further improvement you can made later.





Step 4: Finalised Thing.

you can see the video for see my final thing.

stay safe.




Johenix (author)2017-07-25

Soldering Iron: Wahl Clippers used to make a low voltage battery operated iron with replaceable tips. You might find the tips on EBay. Using a step down resistor and a push button switch you could run this off the cigarette lighter.

Get a large ceramic floor tile 12"x12" or 30cm x30cm for a soldering surface.

Parts storage: Resistors (5%) are 24 to a decade (10-100, 100-1000, etc.). Get a 24 compartment Plano fishing tackle box to hold them. Same for capacitors.

ZakriyaP (author)Johenix2017-07-26

I really apriciate your idea but due to limited resorses and time i was not able to get that many things.I will appriciate if you vote for my try and effort. :)

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