A little less of a tutorial and more of a, "how i made it" today of a popular youtuber, vannoss gaming I hope you like it

Step 1: Blocks Needed

Blocks needed, white wool, black wool, mushroom block, grey wool, brown wool, yellow stained clay and dark oak wood slab

Step 2: Feet

It basically 4x2 white wool and red wool in a U-shape joined with 2 white wool

Step 3: Legs

2x4x4 in grey wool

Step 4: Jacket

For his jacket it a 4x2x4 in red but the top 2 front blocks are grey wool

Step 5: Arms

From top to bottom in a 2x2x4 block it goes, red, white, red, red, mushroom. Do it for both sides

Step 6: Neck

4x4 square of mushroom outlined with brown wool

Step 7: Sides of Head

Go up by 5 on each brown wool other than the front 6

Step 8: Face

Just copy the picture

Step 9: Beak and Brows

Using grey for the beak and slabs for the eye brows, place them as shown

Step 10: Final Product

I hope you liked this quick tutorial tell me what other youtuber to make I love hearing from you.... BYE!!!!
<p>Also make Dantdm!</p>
<p>cool build man!</p>

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