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It's easy to make your own Vans tennis shoe skates out of an old pair of roller skates. I chose the old school high tops because they have good ankle support and they're just bitchen.
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Step 1: Take apart old skates

Picture of Take apart old skates
I found these skates used on craigslist for $25. They were a size 10 and I wear a size 11.5 so I couldn't use the boots. I'll try to sell them back on craigslist for what I paid. It's cheaper to buy used skates rather than buy all the parts new online. You need the plates, 8 wheels and 16 bearings. It gets pretty expensive. I will probably buy some 72 mm Sims Snakes wheels later to make them even more awesome. 

Remove the insole and unscrew the base plates of each skate. You might want to do one at a time so you can use the old skate as a reference when drilling the holes in you Vans.

Step 2: Remove the Vans insoles

Picture of Remove the Vans insoles
Reach in and take out the insole. You want the bolts to be under the insole for a more comfortable ride. You'll also want to remove the laces.

Step 3: Align the plates

Picture of Align the plates
Put the plate on the bottom of your Vans and align them properly. I put the back of the plate almost at the very back of the heel. The front didn't quite make it to the front of the shoe because my plates are size 10 and my shoes are 11.5. I used a clamp to hold the plates in place while drilled the two holes in the heel, then I installed the bolts and drilled the fronts without the clamp. I had to remove the wheels so the drill would line up with the holes. Removing the trucks is another option to get access to the holes. 

Step 4: Bolt on the plates

After you've drilled the holes, bolt the plates on, re-intall your trucks and wheels, put the insoles back in and lace up the shoes. You're ready to skate! 
noileum3 years ago
how did you get the insoles out of your vans?

mine seem glued in using some military grade stuff and don't want to budge
swaggbot3 years ago
like i already have skates but the boot of mine ripped. can it still work and does it have to e vans only or can i use any shoe i want?
swaggbot3 years ago
Hey can i use any shoe or does it have to be vans?
XoXWHITEXoX3 years ago
My uncle has a pair of boots his dad designed where there is a washer with a notch on the bottom of the boot and when he buys new boots he drills a hole in the heel and has skates (the part his dad designed) that has a pin about (1/2 - 3/4" in diameter) that slides into the washer and he slides a lever over and locks it into place and the front just lips over the sole. When he's done skating takes the plate off and has boots to walk in. He's had these since he wore a size six shoe when he was a kid he's about 43 now. Great build!
kenny704 years ago
Would this work with inline skates
beeedy4 years ago
I've actually built quiet a few pairs of shoe-skates before and this is an awesome instructable! one suggestion however is to build a wooden sole for your shoes, especially with such narrow plates. It will help make the sharp turns and severe leaning a lot more comfortable because with such a floppy sole you will be able to feel the plates. also you won't have as high a chance of the sole of your shoe ripping out!