Picture of Variable Power Supply
Didnt see that anyone had done this so decided to put it on.
I use a model train train transformer as a variable power supple, i have it marked along on the top so i can see what voltage im at without measuring it, also you are easily able to reverse the polarity by going the other way
AlanCain2 years ago
Seriously. Why did I not think of this? I have two sitting downstairs in an old train set (not valuable) and now I can take one!!

Looks like you get 0-16 volts differential. That would be worth trying with electrolysis - put a fine hand to the yields and destruction.

Good job. Thank you.
especially since you can power train sets more efficiently using pwm

Yes, that is true. Much better. Just 'discovered' pwm and there are lots of little units available.

muddog151 year ago
Not to mention those can take a high load.