Introduction: Variable Shaft Coupler / Electric Drill / Electric Screw Driver (1.5mm To13mm)


This instructable will teach you how u can utilize all the features of a drill chuck.

You can make an electric screw driver, a DC Drill and a variable shaft coupler with it.

For better understanding, watch thisvideo

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Step 1: Drill Chucks

Picture of Drill Chucks

Get two identical drill chucks.

I am using 1.5 mm to 13 mm types.You can use any drill chuck but there has to be 2 of them and both of them should be identical.

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Step 2: Connecting Drill Chucks Back to Back:

Picture of Connecting Drill Chucks Back to Back:

Find a screw that fits the drill chucks and remove its driving head with a saw

Since both the drill chucks are identical the screw should fit both of them easily without any hassle.

Now you have 2 perfectly aligned back to back connected drill chucks.

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Step 3: Variable Shaft Coupling:

Picture of Variable Shaft Coupling:

Now you have a shaft range of 1.5 mm to 13 mm as in my case.So now you can connect different shafts together within the specified range.

Variable shaft coupling is needed:-

  • When you have to connect two different machines together.
  • when you have to connect a motor to a gearbox.
  • when you have to perform voltage and current testing of generators with a motor of similar or different shaft size
  • Also, when you have to extend the length of a motor shaft , etc

There are innumerable applications of this drill chuck trick and only few of them have been stated above.

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Step 4: DC Drill Making:-

Picture of DC Drill Making:-

Get a DC motor with a power rating of at least 20 Watts.Connect one of the drill chucks to the shaft of the DC motor.

To the other drill chuck, connect a drill bit as shown in the pictures above.

Your handmade DC drill machine is complete.Now all you gotta do is connect a power supply of rating as stated onthe motor specs and you are done.

Rest is similar to the manufactured drill machines.

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Step 5: Electric Screw-driver:

Picture of Electric Screw-driver:

In this, all you gotta do is replace the drill-bit with a detachable screwdriver as shown in the picture above.Tight up the drill bit to the chucks because the driver might slip because of the high stalling torque.Now connect the batteries to the terminals of the DC motor and you are done.

Reverse the polarities of the battery to rotate the screw-driver in the opposite direction.

So guys that was all about the instructable. Thankyou for your time :)

Full video .

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