Various Duct Tape Things





Introduction: Various Duct Tape Things

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    I made a duct tape wallet be for misunderstood the instructions and messed up. but I santa new that I have been a good boy this year so that mess up end out perfect. "LIKE A FRIKIN BOUUUUUSSSSSSSS(boss)

    i like the key holder in the one wallet. you should consider selling some. last year i sold camouflaged duck tape wallets for three dollars each. i made 50 buck right off the bat.

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    Ha good job! I do sell them occasionally for about the same as yours

    oh! cool. do you make much money?

    Not quite $50 but around about 25. I'm working on an instructable for a womens wallet

    I was thinking about making another soon but I'm not sure soon though

    Try to post a picture after you make it.

    your wallet was better than mine on the first try

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    I got my wallet design from the ultimate duct tape wallet. I assure you it took me many tries to get it right. I might make an instructable of the design i made a couple days after this was posted.