Make functional vase using vitrage (glazing) technique with embedded LEDs. The vase can be filled with water and used as a regular flower vase, also LEDs can be light up when placed on the stand. The vase can shine in one of two possible colors, switching colors only by rotating the vase on the stand.

Step 1: Making the Platform

First make the platform as it can be later used to test the connections during building the vase.
You will need:
- plain PCB-board (plain single sided copper on pertinax)
- etching solution (I make mine from household hydrochloric acid (diluted 20%) + hydrogen peroxide (diluted 12%) in solution 3:1)
- color resistant to the etchant (nail polish is really good, also a permanent CD marker can be used but I had some difficulties to get 100% coverage with the marker)
- plastic case
- hot glue
- soldering iron and solder
- saw (for cutting the PCB and the case)
- some sanding paper and acetone (for finishing work and cleaning the nail polish)
- black spray paint (for painting the yellow PCB after etching)
For the circuit
- AC transformer 220VAC to 12VAC, 10W at least (you can get it from cheap adapters)
- 2 Capacitors (1000uF 63V, 1000uF 16V)
- 4 diodes for the rectifier (1N4007 or similar)
- 1 voltage regulator 10V (7810)
- 1 potentiometer 10KOhm
- 1 trimer potentiometer 10KOhm
- 1 resistor 10KOhm
- 1 tansistor BC141-16 (or similar up to 1A)
- 220AC switch, cord, and some wire
- PCB drill if you don't want your components on the solder-side
<p>Talk to me like I'm 5, a term I use when I don't know &amp; would love to learn something. Please take this as the utmost in flattery as I was completely able to understand your walk through even though I do not know much about circuits or electricity.. I loved the initial picture which led me to read the steps and for the first time on here when it comes to electric/circuitry I actually felt after finishing like I could possibly do this. These instructions are incredible!!! Your descriptions along with the pictures are not just put together well but are written in such a way that an average layman could understand. This is my first comment for a vote I have ever written on here (though I have been a member for longer than one should be just a casual observer) but I just couldn't not give you the highest in compliments! </p>
<p>Wow thanks a lot and sorry for my late response. Your comment is a really inspiring one, a reason that encourages authors to post thoroughly their instructables. </p>
<p>A lot of work,but a nice job.</p>
<p>That is very very true :). It really took a lot of time to build it. Cutting pieces, gluing tape, soldering those pieces and diodes again really takes a lot of time. It took me around 20 working hours just for the vase.</p>
Yeah Im gonna keep your idea in my mind,I may need it for another project,thanks for posting,you took pretty fair photos also.
Ice and Fire, huh? I see what you did there...
<p>I might try this, with orchids or some other &quot;air&quot; plant. A &quot;soil&quot; plant likes its roots in the dark though. Nice ible.</p>
<p>Thanks. Yes, you're right this is not a vase for soil plants. A &quot;soil&quot; vase would also need some kind of a drainage for the excess water...</p>
<p>Cool Idea :), Thank you for sharing.</p>
<p>nice idea.......where u get the copper ribbon?</p>
<p>Thanks! I got my from some shop for glass/vitrage equipment (to be speciffic from http://www.mab-export.si/ they have a shop in my city Belgrade - Serbia that is), you can probably find it in some similar shop if you have in your place, also on e - bay http://www.ebay.com/bhp/adhesive-copper-tape...</p>
<p>So we neighbors......i am Greek and live in Athens. Thanx for the information.....i do sometimes some vitrage and i use soldering but this is very helpfull</p>

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