In this instructable I will show you how to transform low quality Dollar store skulls into high quality, expensive looking halloween props.

I will detail two methods you can use to achieve these effects.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials Needed:

As many $1 halloween skulls as you wish from the dollar store or equivalent where you live

1 utility knife or exacto

1 can rubberized undercoating spray (method #1)

1 can of turpentine

1 can of dark wood stain (method #2)

1 can of grey primer

acrylic or water based airbrush paint

fine tip brushes

airbrush (you will of course need an air compressor if u use this)

<p>Creepy .... and awesome!</p>
<p>SO cool!!!!</p>
<p>so interesting</p>
I have those same exact skulls my teacher &quot;forced&quot; me to take it from him since Halloween was over and this instructable is the best
great color and effect...nicely explained
<p>Very cool. You can also just buy 1 or 2 an paper mache them, cut the mache off the skull when dry and you have many skulls you can make for free.</p>
<p>cool weathering tricks.</p>

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