Vectorizing Drawings for Laser Engraving and Cutting Jewelry (Free samples too!) INKSCAPE version

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Picture of Vectorizing Drawings for Laser Engraving and Cutting Jewelry (Free samples too!) INKSCAPE version
This is the Inkscape version of my previously featured Instructable on the same topic.

I used CorelDraw for the previous version and was pleasantly surprised at the positive response so I've decided to hurry up and do the Inkscape version since Inkscape is FREE & awesome (it's what got me into vector design & I now design professionally.)
Get it at Inkscape.org
A few fair warnings about Inkscape, it is open source software and there are crashing issues, etc. so save your work as often as possible. Soon you'll be Ctrl+S-ing automatically every 10 seconds. It's a good habit!

I still remember what it's like to not know how to use vector graphics editor so I try to explain every step and point out where the menus are, etc. It takes some knowledge of graphics editing and a decent eye for design. Not all drawings can be easily turned into vector graphics, though. You want something with dark ink on white (unlined if possible) paper, that is connected all the way around the drawing (A scene with stars and moon that are disconnected won't be as simple to translate)

The vector art was then submit to Outfab.com for cutting. It's a laser cutting service and you can get a free custom sample on select materials up to about 1"x3" if it's your first time without even signing up so this is a great starter project. All you'll need to buy are some jewelry findings.

So read on, and if it gets over your head feel free to message me for more tips!
Mariam87 made it!5 months ago

This is my first instructables tutorial ever :)

Thank you

linrodann2 years ago
Great to know about Outfab; I've been itching to do some laser-cutting, but didn't know where to do it. Thanks for this great instructable! :)
This is an amazing idea. And thanks for all the inkscape tips, too! :D
Cool! I never knew about that "simplify" option!