Some of the best artwork I've ever seen in my life was from the hands of a child. Unfortunately it is usually done on regular paper that won't last very long or lined notebook paper that just doesn't have that museum quality feel.

This simple instructable shows you how to take a photo of a kid's drawing (or any drawing) in black ink to convert into a vector which you can then print onto higher quality material (or in this case, laser cut for free at Outfab.com)

This drawing was specifically turned into a necklace as a present for the child's mother's birthday (best present everrrr, even the kid was blown away!)

I've designed the instructable to walk you through the most efficient manner to make the best laser etch possible. You can tweak the process to make a scalable vector of a color drawing or to vectorize your own artwork for laser cutting. Most people do not realize the importance of contouring to make something stronger, adding a loop, or using pure black & white graphics for etching (as opposed to grayscale).

I use CorelDraw but you can use similar technique with a variety of programs including Inkscape which is free at www.InkScape.org (a great starter for those unfamiliar with vector graphics)

See the Inkscape version of this instructable here.

Step 1: Take a Photo & Import It to Corel Draw

Use any old camera to take a photo of the artwork. I hate plugging the scanner in and importing scan photos when I can just email myself a photo from my phone just as well. Just make sure the contrast is pretty good. This one was taken with a cell phone camera.
You can see the paper is just cheap lined mini legal paper that will probably get lost or crumpled up!

Drag the photo right into CorelDraw.
<p>Looks great! but how does the lasercutting machine knows to cut through the wood or to engrave the wood?</p>
The print driver is set up to follow blue paths using high power and slow speed to make sure it cuts all the way through. Black areas are burned with far less power so the laser just burns the surface. Thanks for your question!
This is adorable! <br /> <br />I also learned that vectorizing drawings like this is pretty easy, thanks!
Awesome, good to hear! Thanks :)
OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. <br /> <br />And no, my caps lock was not stuck. I'm just that excited about it !

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