Vectoring a black and white image at Techshop

Picture of Vectoring a black and white image at Techshop
This is a follow-up to my other Instructable, 'Prepping an image for laser etching at Techshop.' This Instructable is dedicated to transforming the black and white image into a vector. This may be more suitable stencils, stickers, and screen printing.
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Step 1:

If your black and white image is still fresh out of Photoshop, than you have to save it under a different format for proper conversion. Inkscape, the program I will be using for vectorization, does not support Photoshop files. I will be saving it as a PNG file. Afterwards, once opened in Inkscape, Scroll to 'Path' near the top of the page, and select 'Trace Bitmap.'

Step 3:

Depending on your 'Threshold' properties, the image will become thicker, or lighter with the amount of black in it. Shown are the variations of what the threshold is capable of. A higher threshold number, '.900,' produced the image to the far left. While the one in the middle is 500, and the last is 250.

Step 4:

An alternative to the tracing process is inverting your image. This can be used to show what an image would look like screen printed. It could be beneficial to see the image now rather than later.

Step 5:

Picture of
This step showcases how many variations of a photo that can be made by the manipulation of a photograph.