Step 4: Stop -- Veggie Time

Add your veggie of choice. As someone who grew up watching "Great Chefs of the World" I love incorporating color into everything I create. Spinach not only adds great color and interest to the final product but is a great source of iron.
<p>Vegan &quot;Beef&quot; Stroganoff??????????????</p><p>Can't call it just Stroganoff?</p><p><strong>...........</strong></p>
<p>I stopped eating meat a few months ago, but am (slowly) working may way out of dairy and eggs. I made this dish with smoked tempeh, almond milk, but with real sour cream. I also sauteed mushrooms, green pepper, and kale along with the shallots and garlic before putting the rest of the ingredients in. I also defnintely had to add salt and pepper, but the recipe turned out really well! Thanks for sharing.</p>
I think those small purple onions are shallots.
Sorry to be dense here, but I don't quite understand this &quot;Vegan&quot; thing. Is this a particular ethnicity, or style of cooking, or what??? My local grocery has the standard Chinese, Italian, Latin, etc. sections, but nothing that says &quot;Vegan&quot;.
Vegan can be all kinds of ethic foods. It just means that you don't use any animal products. Veganism is a higher level of restriction that just vegetarian. No dairy, meat or honey.
Good thing I'm a Paleo eater. I hate Pasta and breads (hence the Paleo). However, a friend of mine made this with a little chicken and beef. It was great. Good recipe.

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