Step 4: Add Tempeh

Add smoked tempeh and cook over medium high heat, stirring for about 6 minutes.  If you've chosen not to roast your eggplant, add it along with the tempeh.
In the picture of your ingredients, I see a bottle of "smoke" by Wright's. Where in the recipe is this added?
I just followed this recipe to a &quot;T&quot; - roasted my eggplant, added ingredients like clockwork, used the smoked tempeh, etc. - and it turned out AMAZING. This is probably the first thing I've actually cooked myself ever, other than brown rice or steak on a grill (back when i ate meat).<br>My only comment would be to include half a package of whole wheat organic spaghetti as opposed to the full package that i used... i didn't see any mention of how much pasta to mix in in the recipe, so i added a full package, which is still delicious, but i wish my batch was a lot more sauce-heavy because the bolognese tastes incredible.<br>Anyway, I'm very new to veganism and this recipe is EXTREMELY ENCOURAGING to me. Rich in flavor, filling, and nutritious. Thank you scoochmaroo.
So, do you only need 2 tbsp of EVOO? or 2tbsp + 1 cup?<br><br>also, sorry if this has been answered, but how many cups is in a serving? to make 158 calories?<br>thanks! :)
Hi, this sounds delicious. I made something similar years ago at uni for a vegitarian flatmate, he threw up an promptly busted me for using &quot;real meat&quot;. I showed him the packets and he still wasn't convinced... Flattering in a really gross way. All the non vegetarians loved it too.
No getting all food network kitchen/prepared foods on us :P&nbsp;You're making us look bad!<br />
How optional are the eggplant? <br /> <br /> I have an allergy to them and they kinda wind me up in hospital if I eat them...
That DOES&nbsp;look good.&nbsp;&nbsp; And the&nbsp; 7.8 grams of fat is mostly unsaturated fat that is actually also good for you (if you don't eat everything at one sitting) :-)&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Question:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;so, you are saying then that one only needs about 2 tablespoons of the sauce &quot;per serving&quot;?
Ah, I should clarify.<br /> I&nbsp;made this recipe to serve 6.<br /> Does that help?<br />
<p>Yes, it does.&nbsp;&nbsp; Enough for 8 meals, the way my wife eats, or at least 3-4 if it is only me Thanks.</p>
&nbsp;Yes, it would be 8 for me, or two for the fiance ;)&nbsp; I figured 6 was a good guess.<br />
why do you say omit tempeh to make it gluten free? does tempeh usually have gluten? the kind i buy says it is gluten free. <br />
Ah! My tempeh had gluten in it.&nbsp; I'll have to search for gluten-free, but I'm such a fan of the <em>Smoked</em> tempeh.<br />
We like to use lentils (high in protiends) as a meat substitute. It is more italian than tofu anyway.<br /> <br />
Mmmmm. . . . lentils.<br /> Good suggestion!<br />
Cool.. (Sta bene!)<br />
&nbsp;Looks wonderful, great job scooch! Yum :D

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