Vegan Cream of Potato Soup W/ Mushrooms.





Introduction: Vegan Cream of Potato Soup W/ Mushrooms.

A tasty cold weather treat, which can be made vegan or Vegetarian.

Step 1: Ingredients


1 Onion
5-6 Potatos
4 oz Mushrooms
5 tbsp fake butter (or butter if thats how you roll)
3 cups rice milk (or real milk...)
3 cups veggie broth, I use Knorr veggie boullion to make this.
4 tbsp flour
2 cloves garlic
Fresh Ground Pepper
Janes Crazy Mixed up salt

Step 2: Cook

Cube Potatoes and boil

While thats going on:
dice the onion
cut the mushrooms into quarters
mince the garlic

When the potatoes are done, cook the onions, garlic mushrooms and butter together in a big sauce pan for 5 minutes.

Drain the potatoes.

Then add the rice milk, flour, 3 cups 3 cups veggie broth and potatoes. Simmer for 10 minutes. Season and serve!



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    Better Than Bouillon makes a great veggie bouillon. This sounds great. I'm going to do this for dinner.

    nice recipe. I am going to try it tomorrow. Just FYI : Knorr products have hydrogenated ingredients and other nasties, in case you feel like avoiding those.


    Thanks, what brand besides knorr fo you like. -Joe

    yes, do it yourself or chose other brands, as Knorr is a brand (the largest one) of Unilever, and Unilever is a company that tests on animals !! we have to be careful of what we're buying, that's our responsibility as consumers.

    Personally, I use home-made veggie stock in place of any and all bouillon cubes.  Only way to be sure what goes into it.  There's a bit of advice currently going around the web (might have been Pollan who said it, might not) that we should not eat anything that is advertised.  So, home-made it is!  But I gotta try this one - thanks.

    This looks awesome. I'm so making this tomorrow night.

    I know in these days we're all supposed to practice tolerance, but when it comes to milk, count me out, so this is a "good thing". BTW it's not vegan because knorr uses gelatin in their boullion. Personally I prefer a product called "better than boullion" no idea if it's vegan but it's msg free.

    This isnt a cream of anything soup..... There is no cream or even milk in it....