Picture of Vegan Lip Balm
This quick and easy lip balm recipe with have you smiling in no time!

Create your own all natural, bee-free lip balms so that you will never need to be seen with less than kissably-soft, smooth lips.

(But if you're a beekeeper, or just a big fan of beeswax, it can easily be substituted in!)

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
  • 1oz hard wax (candelilla, soy, etc)
  • 1 oz solid-at-room-temperature oil (coconut oil, avocado oil, mango butter, or shea butter)
  • .75 additional hard-at-room-temperature oil (cocoa butter, floral waxes, or palm oil)
  • 2 oz liquid oil (jojoba oil or olive oil) (not shown)
  • few drops of Vitamin E Oil (Tocopherol)
  • Essential oils (optional, your choice) - maximum 8 drops for each lip balm


  • Microwave-safe cup or bowl with pour spout
  • Digital scale sensitive to at least .1 oz (a postage scale will usually work for this)
  • Stirring spoon
  • Funnel that will fit opening of tubes/canisters
  • Lip balm tubes/canisters

Step 2: Melt Wax

Picture of Melt Wax
Measure your wax with your scale (not pictured).

Add wax to your microwave safe container and melt on high heat in 30 second bursts.
Stir between nukings and continue until the wax is completely liquified.

Step 3: Add Extras

Picture of Add Extras
Stir the mixture while you add all of your oils - I used coconut, jojoba, vitamin E and essential oils for a lovely scent!

If the wax starts to harden while you're still mixing in ingredients, just zap it in the microwave for another 30 seconds and stir!

Step 4: Dispense

Picture of Dispense
This is the hardest part, I think, and if you have access to a pipette or a dropper, that would probably work out much better!

I used a funnel that fit exactly into my little tubes.

Pour the mixture slowly into your containers, tapping a bit to remove any trapped air.

If the resulting product cracks, it means you're pouring it while it's too hot - let it cool a bit and try again!

Step 5: Label and Share!

Picture of Label and Share!
Come up with your own special label to let all your friends know this is something awesome that you made and couldn't wait to share with them!

(hopefully you'll come up with something cooler than I did)

This project is so quick and easy, I know you'll love getting all your friends involved!

Enjoy :D
will it work with normal lipstick tubes?
sharlston5 years ago
hi whats the difference beteen a vegan and a vegetarian?
Vegan you have nothing to do with animals (no milk, eggs, honey, etc.
Vegetarian: just no meats
A vegetarian doesn't eat meat (such as pork, fish, or any other type of meat) or anything that an animal was killed to produce (such as gelatine, animal rennet, etc.). A vegan doesn't eat anything that comes from an animal (eg. meat, milk, honey, etc.).
Cryptonat5 years ago
Great instructible. How does the lack of beeswax make it "vegan"? Silly fad if you ask me.

TO: Cryptonat:  "vegan" means that NO animals of ANY species; NO products of these animals and NO items made of such animals and their products are used or consumed in any way - even if their products are "naturally produced on their own"!   After all, how would YOU feel if something that your body produces is snatched away for direct consumtion and/or for profits???   It's not difficult to understand... 

As to honey and/or wax, please read this article where you can see clearly how honey and wax producers sacrifice those little souls for the so-called benefit to humans:     :o)       Adela

something my body produces- labor
snatched away- company making profits off said labor.
same thing...and i dont hear you vegans crying about that.
Except you choose to give your labor, while animals confined in slaughterhouses for their milk, eggs, beeswax and honey don't get to choose. So no, it's not the same thing.
scoochmaroo (author)  Cryptonat5 years ago
Using any animal byproduct is against vegan policy. The idea is that it's not good practice to take anything from animals, even if it's something they naturally produce on their own. Honey is a controversial topic between the vegan/non-vegan communities.
tataylor3 years ago
This was a good starting point. For my preferences, this was way too soft/oily. Maybe it depends some on the specific ingredients that you choose. I used soy wax, mango butter, coco butter, and olive oil.

My second try was a smaller batch with 0.5 oz each of soy wax, mango butter, and coco butter (i.e., equal parts, by weight). This was much better but still a little soft, so I added another quarter ounce soy wax. The result (for me at least) was pretty good. It is fairly stiff/hard, but I like it to stay in place to protect my lips, so I'm happy with this. This batch made 12 tubes (0.15 oz each).

So, my advice is to start with very small amounts in case you want to start over or adjust to get the consistency you like. Also, I suggest mixing, pouring one tube, letting it cool thoroughly, and testing. You can reheat and pour the rest of the tubes once you get a recipe that you like. Finally, I suggest starting with no or very little oil.
dvan winkle3 years ago
Great recipe! I get my tubes here:

$0.20 each if you get the caps and tubes separate, and then you can pick your cap and tube color.

Also, I've tried using a pipette, and it doesn't work. The balm cools in the pipette and you just end up wasting balm and a pipette.

Just pouring from a container with a pour spout(with a careful hand) or the funnel works best.
Lovely! where does one purchase the tubes?
scoochmaroo (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
I got them online, but I also save up all the tubes I've gotten and used up over time. I know eBay sometimes has great deals on this kind of thing, and a Google search should turn up some good results!
These in particular came from PV Soap Company. Ten for $5.
I stumbled upon this producer. You can also order premade bee wax lip sticks.
Thanks for the info scoochmaroo :0)
rcowgirl_64 years ago
olive oil works better and its great to keep arteries clean
Adelap4 years ago
Hello...where can I read about the meaning of "DIY" and "Instructables"?  I think I searched the site but no luck.  Thanks very much!        Adela
pixie9895 years ago
How many tubes of lip balm does this recipe produce?

bee vomit tastes so good though. on an unrelated note- whe i first saw this i read "vagina lip balm" and i was like waoooohhh. then i reread it and here i am
mephistocat5 years ago
Yay for vegan-friendly instructables! :D I love not having to sort vegan-friendly alternatives for the listed ingredients. -laughs- Brilliant job with the photographs and explanations as well. X3
scoochmaroo (author)  mephistocat5 years ago
Oh, thank you!
omnibot5 years ago
Cool, featured...
Great instructable! Nice photos. I'm glad to see more vegan ones going up!