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If you're vegan but you want a dog collar, vinyl ones can be just as expensive as their leather counterparts. They're also kind of uncomfortable and itchy in that stick-to-your-skin way that all vinyl is. This one is breathable, washable, and best of all, CHEAP. If you have a sewing machine(or the patience to sew velcro on by hand - I commend you), you could make some for everyone in your band  Suitable for both dogs and humans.

PS: This is my first instructable, so if you have any questions or anything isn't clear enough, let me know. The model isn't me, but rather someone who was nice enough to let me shoot him for this, so be nice or STFU. Thank you. :)

Step 1: Get it together

Picture of Get it together
You'll need:

1. Basic knowledge of sewing + a sewing machine/black thread. You could sew this by hand, but it'll take forever...

2. Old black jeans you don't want anymore, or a scrap of similar fabric

3. A few inches of black Velcro

4. Your choice of pronged studs, be they pointy or rhinestoned. I got mine cheap(about $3 for a bag of 100) from Spikes and Leather. You'll definitely have extras. It's okay. You'll put them all over everything, trust me.

5. Needle-nosed pliers(or any pliers, 'cause I couldn't find them when I made this a second time), or especially tough fingernails, if you're really punk rock and you're not against bleeding all over it. No really, just use pliers...
theredwolf3 years ago
A collar made out of vegans?! lol
Seriously though, maybe change the title to vegan friendly. I'm not even sure why it mentions vegan mind you. Not all stud collars are made from leather.

All the same, keep those creative juices flowing mate. :)
I want one made of vegans!
GofishRC0073 years ago
Hey instead of a bracelet or collar you could attach it to a helmet... Great ible by the way!
neonsk8er4 years ago
Great Instructable.....I am so gonna make 1 and a bracelet.