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<p>No cashews. Ok this is great for those who are allergic to certain nuts or all. I guess I am a little confused. If it is vegan why use the sour cream and cream cheese? I am not educated on vegan products that substitute. Are these brands shown vegan brands? Or is this a vegetarin dish? Also what if I did not have nutritional yeast. What can I use instead or can I opt it out the recipe?</p>
<p>KayteL, this is a vegetarian dish. The references to sour cream and cream cheese are actually Tofutti Sour Cream &amp; Tofutti Cream Cheese which are both vegetarian products. You can probably leave out the nutritional yeast but that is what gives the dish a nice, &quot;cheesy&quot; flavor. If you leave it out, I would maybe substitute a vegetarian parmesan cheese or it may turn out a bit bland.</p>
Really happy to find a recipe that doesn't use cashews! Really great flavor and a lot creamier than I initially thought it would be! Who knew!?!
I like it very much. Thank you for your sharing.
Exciting! I've been rocking cashew and nutritional yeast Alfredo sauces for years, but I never thought to try this! <br>Bravo. I thank you -but my scale begs otherwise. <br>M
I love alfredo! Awesome recipe!

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