Picture of Vege Fried Rice
This is a recipe to cook fried rice for lacto-ovo-vegetarians who don't consume onion and garlic. The flavor of the fried rice will depend on which soya sauce and sweet soya sauce you choose. In this recipe, I used Indonesian soya sauce therefore it taste like nasi goreng. Serve 2-4.

*Caution: This food contains eggs and traces of nuts. 

Ingredients:                          [Pic 3-4]

- 2 plates of cooked rice
- Soya Sauce
- Sweet Soya Sauce
- Salt & Pepper
- 3 Eggs
- 3 Button Mushrooms (White / Brown) or Vegetarian meat
- Few tbsp of cooking oil
- 5 Hashbrown patties
- 80g Mixed Vegetables

Preparation:                         [Pic 5-8]

- Thaw both hashbrowns and mixed vegetables.
- Wash and cook rice using rice cooker.
- Slice the mushrooms into desired size
- Beat 3 eggs


1. Heat the frying pan for 15 seconds using low-medium heat.
2. Add 2-3 tbsp of cooking oil into the pan. (1tbsp for each patty)
3. Fry the thawed hashbrowns. Flip the hashbrown when the bottom turns brownish.      [Pic 9]
4. 'Flake hashbrowns when it's cooked for another minute. Put aside.                             [Pic 10]

[Pic 11]
5. Place 2-3 tbsp of cooking oil and stir fry the thawed mixed vegetables and more hashbrowns. 
6. Put aside once it's fully cooked.

[Pic 12-14]
7. Using reasonable amount of oil, stir fry the mushrooms until it's cooked (it will become fragrant). 
8. Immediately toss beaten eggs and 1-2 tsp of salt & pepper. 
9. Continue stir-frying until egg is cooked. Add hashbrown and mixed vegetables. Stir well. 
10. [for those without large wok] Put aside.

[Pic 15-19]
11. Add cooked rice, together with 3tbsp of soya sauce, 1-2 tsp of salt & pepper. Stir well. 
12. Toss desired amount of prepped ingredients [step 9] and stir well. 
13. Finally, add ~1tbsp of sweet soya sauce and 1tsp of pepper. Mix well.

[Pic 20-22]
14. Serve!