Vegeth - Dragon Ball Z - Freedownload :)





Introduction: Vegeth - Dragon Ball Z - Freedownload :)

Vegeth - Dragon Ball Z - Freedownload :)

Step 1: Vegeth - Dragon Ball Z - Freedownload :)

What I've created here is a replica model of Vegeth from the cartoon Dragon Ball Z. The software's I've used to design this was a combination of Visi19.0, 3D Builder, Autodesk Netfab Premium & 123D Design.

If you'd like to print this please feel free to download the files and if you can take pictures of your print and upload them here as I don't own a 3D printer.


More cool 3D ready prints here:
by clicking the link below you will find videos on how your able to use software (Autodesk 123D Design free software here: in designing your own iPhone holder wrist cuff.



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    This is not Vegeta but Vegeth ... a fusion whit potara eardrops of Vegeta and Goku -.-

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    Thanks I did not know that, was trying to figure that out when I googled dragon ball z and these where the two characters I model with this name on the images. I'll change that right now.