Vegetable Cakes

Picture of Vegetable Cakes
I don't like leftovers... I have to invent a new dish with them. I had some vegetable stick left from Saturday and so I used them to make these vegetable cakes. They are very easy and quickly done and you can use any vegetables or just one.
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Step 1:

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For 4 Persons:
1 Carrot
2 stalks Celery
a few Broccoli rosettes
1 small Zucchini
6 Baby corns
1/2 bunch Parsley, chopped
3 Eggs
120 g Breadcrumbs
100 g Emmenthal cheese grated
Salt, Pepper, Rosemary, Paprika, Chili
Oil for frying

Step 2:

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Dice all the vegetable into 4 mm pieces and mix them with the other ingredients.

Step 3:

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Fry them in batches in hot oil and serve.