Step 11: Clean up!

Picture of Clean up!
Time to tidy up! This was my hand before I was even done with the first coat. I didn't mind (though I thought the ring line was rather funny) - but you could certainly avoid awkward hand stains with a pair of gloves if you chose.

I accidentally used a dish cloth from a new set for wiping between coats. I gave it an oxygen bleach soak as soon as I was done with the last wipe down. It came clean very well.

I jarred up the unused stain and put it in my freezer, just in case I need to touch anything up before we seal the table, or if we decide to stain more of it.

Anyway, there you go! Unsealed this will probably fade a lot, faster the more it is in the sun. However, it is a fun way to play with color and add your personal touch to some furniture, without introducing harsh chemicals into your home.

I hope you have fun playing with this and feel inspired to experiment! And please, again, be sure you have permission to try this on whatever you are trying it on! My hubby thought I was a little crazy for wanting to try it but he was totally ok with me doing so. He does really like the color now that it is done!