Step 6: Stubborn Areas

Picture of Stubborn Areas
Remember how I said I didn't sand, but the table had some sort of wax or oil at some point in the past? Well, a few areas still had a weak seal to them. You can see in the first picture how the stain sort of beaded up on one of those areas.

With some careful work I was able to overcome the slight seal, so I thought I'd show you in case you ran into something similar.

First, I would gently press my foam brush into the table top, getting a puddle of stain on there. Then I would very gently dab, with my brush perpendicular to the table, across the sealed area. By moving slowly I was able to get coverage so that the stain could work into the wood better. Some areas still resisted stain after doing this in multiple coats, but not very big areas when all was done.