Step 8: Build up your color

Picture of Build up your color
Once you have your first coat done, you have a good idea how the stain is soaking into the whole piece and what color level you are at.

If you like it at this point - awesome! If not, add a coat. Remember to let it dry to gauge where you really are with the color.

At this point you can also adjust the wait time before wiping. For me, I let the leaves (the middle half of my table) sit 10 minutes on the second coat because it was not taking the color as fast as the outer parts.

Keep adding layers of stain, wiping them after 5-15 minutes to get up the excess, and letting it dry to verify the color until you are happy with the color depth.

This was most of the way through the 3rd coat on my table. When this dried we removed the leaves and I did one more coat on the ends.