Introduction: Vegetable Oil Stove, Indoor and Outdoor Use!

Picture of Vegetable Oil Stove, Indoor and Outdoor Use!

Never heard stoves using vegetable oil? More efficient than the alcohol stove and other stoves!

This is very useful when we are camping, hiking, in an emergency, outdoor / Indoor cooking, or just collection.


  • This stove can burn more than 30 minutes! Wow!
  • Cheap & easy to build
  • Mini, you can carry it with ease
  • Big fire
  • Durable
  • Quickly burned

OK lets make it!!!

Step 1: Materials You Need:

Picture of Materials You Need:
  • Empty can (anysize you want)
  • Scissors
  • Big nail
  • Hammer
  • Vegetable oil (It uses coconut oil)
  • Cotton for make the wick

Step 2: Cut Up and Down of the Can

Picture of Cut Up and Down of the Can
  • Make a marks in up and down of the can and cut it
  • looks image!

Step 3: Putting the 2 Together

Picture of Putting the 2 Together
  • Slowly insert the 1 can and another 1 can (Image 1&2)
  • Make a hole with nail and hammer (image 3)

Step 4: Take Cotton and Insert It to the Can Hole

Picture of Take Cotton and Insert It to the Can Hole

Open the can, insert the cotton to can hole. If you finish insert the cotton, its look like image 2 & 3.

Step 5: Fill Another Can

Picture of Fill Another Can
  • Fill another can with vegetable oil
  • Put 2 can together again & slowly shake the can
  • After you shake the can, pull a little wick
  • Ready to test

Step 6: Light It Up!!

Picture of Light It Up!!
  • Burn the wick with matchstick or use lighter
  • and the Stove will works!!
  • you can make the stand to hold something you will cook!

Step 7: All Finished

Thanks for look my works!

Please share, like and check my other instructables.

Sorry for my bad english

Happy making!


barnyard123 (author)2016-07-03

I voted for you

balsuryana (author)barnyard1232016-07-04

thank you so much!

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