This is my usual meal prep for the week. This is just my breakfast and lunch meal prep. My mother usually prepares dinner, which consists of boiled/steamed vegetables and brown rice. One thing that has made all the difference for me is leaving a blender a work so that I can blend my smoothies whenever I want. Just make sure if you do that, label it. My video is in step 9 so if you want to skip to that, feel free!

Step 1: Breakfast!

Sunday evenings mean meal prep day. In the evening I would boil enough eggs for breakfast for the week. So I was planning on having two for breakfast Monday through Friday so I boiled 10 for me and a few more for my siblings. It is a high protein breakfast. I only eat half a yolk from one egg, I throw the other half and the other yolk away. I just don't like the taste of it.

Step 2: Grab Your Blender!

Like I said before, I leave a blender at work. This one is from Target for only like $30. It works magically and affordable. Another option would be to buy one from good will. I would recommend you test it at the store first to make sure it still works.

Step 3: Vegetables

Majority of my smoothies are green smoothies. My favorite leafy green to put in smoothies are spinach so my sister buys a large bag from Costcos for like $5. I prep the spinach in reusable containers, one for each day.

Step 4: Fruit!

Bananas are a cheap and easy to carry fruit. Since I love smoothies and eat them all the time, I actually don't care if it is cold or not. But if you're new to green smoothies, I would recommend freezing a banana or two. You can add any fruit you would like to your smoothie, I just cannot afford anything else right now (college student budget).

Step 5: Avocados!

I love avocados in smoothies. It gives the smoothie a rich, thick texture and taste. I usually only use 1/4 of an avocado in my 1 liter smoothie.

Step 6: Liquids!

I usually add about 12 oz of almond milk and water to my smoothie. I like to split my almond milk, half stays home with me and the other half I like to leave at work for my smoothies.

Step 7: Reusables!

I usually store half of my almond milk in a large mason jar. I also have glass containers as my water bottles. Bringing your own straw reduces plastic. Plus, I noticed that I use a lot of paper towels to dry my hands and the containers when I'm done cleaning them, so I would usually bring a hand towel with me every week.

Step 8: Grab All of Your Supplies!

Grab all of your supplies and let's get smoothing!

Step 9: Video!

Here is my video on how it's made!


Your green smoothie should look something like this and taste amazing! For this one specifically, I used two RIPE (spotty) bananas (super sweet) with 2 cups packed with spinach, 12 oz of almond milk and 12 oz of water.

Step 11: Compost!

Don't trash your organics, compost it for the soil!

<p>So simple I love it! </p>

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