When our favorite Pho restaurant was shut down because a Lowe's was moving in (gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr), I couldn't find a vegetarian version of the soup anywhere. This is a combination of recipes I found online. It's pho-king delicious!

Definition of Pho from Wikipedia: "Pho (Vietnamese pronunciation: [fuh]) is a Vietnamese noodle soup, usually served with beef (pho bo) or chicken (pho ga).[1] The soup includes noodles made from rice and is often served with basil, lime, bean sprouts, and peppers that are added to the soup by the consumer."

This recipe takes less than an hour and will make four large bowls of pho.

Step 1: Ingredients

60 Oz Vegetarian Broth
8 star anise
1-2 sticks cinnamon
8 cloves
1 thumb sized piece of ginger, sliced
8 cloves of garlic, quartered
1-2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 onions, quartered
3 shallots, halved
6 cups water

Veggies (just some suggestions)
bok choy

1 package thin rice noodles

Pho Fixins
fried tofu
bean sprouts
Sriacha hot chili sauce
This took my interest, I must try! Aren't the veggies too raw if not pre-cooked? thank you for this ible, good photo's and well, yeah, I'll try this "bun"
This looks soooooooo good. You have a new follower :-)
Wow, made this tonight and blew the family away.<br>I`m a lifelong vegie and a new recipe such as this is a treasure.<br>I added some leeks to the veggie list and a few pepper flakes to the broth.<br>Yum.<br>
Love pho! Thanks!
omgomgomgomg thank you sooo much for this recipe! needless to say ill be making this a lot!
Cool! Let me know what you think of the recipe when you make it!
Thank you - Good Ingredients <br>
Yummy! An awesome approach to a vegetarian version of pho! Might I suggest adding thinly sliced scallions (green onions) and shallots..... It could round out the flavors a bit. Nice job btw.
Good suggestion, thanks!
Looks quite delicious,but i don't really think that it's &quot;pho&quot;.It's more likely what's we Vietnamese call &quot;bun&quot;.
Thank you for the correction :)
Looks great!

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