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We built and installed several of these raised garden beds last spring for a few local schools. The idea was to give middle school and elementary school students the opportunity to learn about gardening and food sustainability. All the produce grown was donated to local food pantries, so the kids were also helping fill a huge need. Food pantries in our area receive no fresh produce, leaving needy families to live off of canned goods and pop tarts. Growing produce to donate is an easy way for anyone to help give these families some good nutrition!

The kids loved seeing things grow, and it was a project that brought a few of the more shy students out of their shells!

The photos are from various stages of the garden. The carrots got a whole lot bigger.



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    Fantastic! Its great that you've done something where kids can feel that they are a real part of a solution. well done!

    Thanks everyone who voted and to the instructables staff for awarding our project second prize in the Share Your Garden contest!

    Great project. It's wonderful that you can get kids interested in gardening and then donating what you've grown.

    Thank you! The kids really loved the project. It teaches them so much--gardening, food sustainability, health, and to help others.