Vehicle Bug Screen





Introduction: Vehicle Bug Screen

Tired of Mosquitos, flies and other flying insects bothering you while sitting in your vehicle with the windows down?

Then make a vehicle screen to cover your windows. Great for camping or sitting in your truck at the river or lake at night.

Step 1: Vehicle Bug Screen

You will need the following tools and materials.

1. Box cutter
2. Metal rulers
3. Approximately 4 yards of Heavy Duty pet screen.
4. Heavy thread
5. Sewing needle
6. Magnets
7. Paper clips

Step 2: Vehicle Bug Screen

Measure 1 inch from your door handle to the top of your door post. Then measure from your mirror to the side door post. You will then add 2 inches to all four sides because you are going to fold 2 inches on all sides and sew in the magnets.

**it's better to make the screen a little bit large you can always trim some off if it's too large. You can't add to the screen if you make it too small.

If you have a rain guard make sure your measurement is included or your screen may be too small.

Step 3: Vehicle Bug Screen

Cut out the screen for one window.

Step 4: Vehicle Bug Screen

Fold over 2 inches on all sides. I used paper clips to hold the screen in place.

Step 5: Vehicle Bug Screen

Sew in the magnets. You can use a sewing machine or hand stitch it. I hand stitched mine since I didn't have a sewing machine.

I then stitched all the way around the screen.

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    Nascar420, glad u like it!

    Dmwatkins, Thanks

    Neo71665, that's a great idea.

    Find an old fridge or freezer and you can strip the magnets out of the door seal for free. Not the best but flexable (roll the screen up), long enough to line the entire edge, and free.

    Thanks IdahoDavid

    Tomatoskins glad you like it

    This would be great for the drive in!