Vehicle Front-facing Cameras With Sunvisor Monitors





Introduction: Vehicle Front-facing Cameras With Sunvisor Monitors

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I have been offroading for nine years now, and I recently finished building my latest vehicle (website). One of the modifications, or enhancements I made included two cameras over the front wheels with matching monitors built into the drivers sunvisor.

The two cameras were the type commonly used in car reversing cameras, as too were the monitors. I began by stripping down the screens and building them into the sunvisor.

The control box switched between front and rear camera sets (the monitors had two imputs & it would be a shame to not use them). A switch on the dashboard would be used to select between the two.

The cameras were posibition just infront of the front wheels, angled down so they could be used to monitor the wheel's position and any tricky terrain infront.

They worked well at first, but when I ended up going through some deep water it would seem I hadn't sealed them enough and they filled up with mud. I think my mistake was to split their cases to screw them into the bodywork. If I attempt to do it again I will mount the cameras on the brackets they came with and leave it at that.

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    I'm wondering what the psp is set up for. Could you let me know? I have an old one kicking around and want to know if it can be used!

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    I was using it as a second screen. There is a little program called PSPDisp which enables the feature. More details at

    Love it! The visor will be a great place for the rear-view backing camera I want to fit to my ute.

    Awesome! I've seen something similar to this built into a car on Top Gear. I love that you built it into the visor.