Vehicle Security With GSM


Introduction: Vehicle Security With GSM

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The main aim of making GSM Based Vehicle Theft Alert System is to apply the electronic theories, modern security methods, embedded system, and modem age of science and technology for many kinds of transport machine. Moreover this GSM Based theft Alert System can reduce cost, time and many steps without tiring for human because using of easy handling step. Most of vehicle theft alert system doesn't contain high microcontroller. That why this system is using of high technology microcontroller system. The effect of this system the security system is stronger and more secure. This GSM Based Theft Alert System can control any distance and no need wireless access. No need many step and no worry for difficult step. Because in this system have only on step to respond. The theft cannot steal easily for these kinds of system and the theft cannot do next time that kind of case on same vehicle using this GSM based vehicle theft alert system.

Secondary Aim of this project is to show many useful things with GSM technology and by using of this GSM based system every electronic object are easy and safely for the human life. And then to know the advantage of GSM communication system is not only using in connecting but also controlling on electronic objects. GSM technology is very familiar with in human nation. Most of human have cell phone so this cell phone can affect many kind of advantage in living environment. There are many kinds of controlling system is the world among them GSM based controlling is smarter and more easy for controlling step.

The 3rd aim is to show the useful of microcontroller base product and the effect of this project with microcontroller. In this project microcontroller is the main part of this GSM based vehicle theft alert system. The programming in the microcontroller is very secure and the very easy to use with any mobile telecommunication SIM.

Step 1: PCB Design

Step 2: Block Diagram

In this project PIC microcontroller is the 1st main part of the project. 2nd main part is GSM modem and Relay. The power supply is the main source of the whole system. This block diagram is the presenting of the GSM based vehicle theft alert system. According to the diagram power supply is start point. And then all of the controller and component will worked each of their parts and their duty. The main connection of power supply is Relay driver, PIC microcontroller and GSM modem. And them the microcontroller is connect with 3 main part of the system. These connections are Relay driver to drive the relay, Theft switch to get the signal from theft attacking condition and GSM modem to send and receive the message signal to the owner and from the owner. Relay driver is connecting with the relay because this relay driver is needed to drive the relay to cut the ignition system. The relay driver will start work when it gets the command from the PIC microcontroller. This commend is to work the relay the connection with the car better and engine. The set and rest button is also connected with the PIC microcontroller. For the system 1st step need to push the set push button and then work the system. After the whole system finish push again to the reset push button to work the whole system again.

Step 3: Making Processes

Select a SIM which has got Good Network coverage.

Place the SIM into GSM modem, Ensure the SIM has got enough money to send SMS.

First connect GSM modem to the Device properly through DB 9 connector (white color) cord and power it up.

Check power led (red color) glowing, See for Network LED (mostly Green color) blinking faster.

Wait for 2 minutes and one can observe Network LED blinking a bit slower...Indicates SIM has got network coverage.

Now Press the RESET button at the device, and one can see the down count from 20 to 0 on LCD. If not then follow the Steps from 1 until the down count from 20 to 0 on LCD displays.

Then the Display should show “Dial the Modem Num”, it is the process to save the number to which SMS should receive.

Then give a call from the number (to which SMS should receive) to the Number present in the GSM modem and observe the LCD,

The call will disconnect automatically. You can observe the mobile number on the LCD. If it not able to display the number or it displays any other text like +RING or +CLIP then RESET the device and follow the Steps from 6 until the number displays. This ends the process of initializing GSM modem and feeding the phone number.

(Note: please take the first and Second locations phone numbers backup of SIM which is placing in the modem, program overrides the number into these locations)



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    Wow..! thats just what i was looking for....googled for gsm projects like this one but no luck...big thanks to you! m surely gonna make it. thnx for sharing!!!

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    This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing this!

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