Introduction: Veils

This ornament was the result of a small project i did for one of my class at San Jose State. The intention was to design a pendant for a hotel located in New York, which later on 3-d printed to a smaller scale as a Christmas ornament. This ornament which i call Veils, was inspired by the folds of the mushroom gills. I use a software call Modo to create the individual wings. After that, i connected the wings by using a tool call instant array. I produced two different versions, one being the one in the picture above, and the other have five wings instead of four. I decided to keep the first option and moved forward with it being 3-printed. There was many obstacles with the walls being too thin. Finally, i was able to print it at a 6" scale.



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The title gave me the coolest idea for a wedding veil...have a 3D printed shape like your mushroom veil that fits onto a brides head acting as a veil that then through clever hinges folds either concertina or iris like up into a hat :D...

Or have a spider leg like mechanism pulled up by a string hanging down that clicks into place when the individual legs have lifted up...

Make a floaty thin feather/wing like one with the swans wings lifting :O

I dont have access to a 3d printer but if anyone is interested in designing and making this with me then I am happy to help :D.

thank you. i will definitely hang mine on a tree for christmas.

very nice, thanks for the stl file

Interesting. Did you design this as a solid object and then strip it away into this pattern?

Hi @kakashibatosi i did this in modo. started with a curvy line, extrude and thicken it, finally i used the radial array until i have the right form. Hope this helps :)

thanks so much for uploading the .stl file! Best of luck in the 3D ornament challenge!!