Picture of Velcro Cable Ties
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Super simple cable tie made from velcro and two staples. Pretty lame but very useful.

Step 1: Get Yer stuff

Picture of Get Yer stuff
All you need is velcro (3/4" works best), scissors and a stapler. Mine's a red Swingline.
emac6 years ago
i am currently doing sorta the same thing but both hook and fussy are the same length (5 inch) ill make some that are 7 inch for more cable i had a huge amount laying around from a friend so all free and im sewing them
ahead7 years ago
Ah velcro. The rich man's duct tape.
dchall87 years ago
Or you can buy them already made at just about any hardware store. I think I paid under $5 for 50 in two different colors at Lowe's.

Velcro ties at Lowe's
harleytat (author)  dchall87 years ago
thanks for the link--not a bad deal at all. I'm used to the prices at music stores, which range from crazy to ridiculous.
Thats actually really clever, really simple yet effective. I have one of those on my cell phone charger cord and it works like a charm.
SCrid20008 years ago
Wow... almost as good as duct tape...