Velcro Cable Ties





Introduction: Velcro Cable Ties

Super simple cable tie made from velcro and two staples. Pretty lame but very useful.

Step 1: Get Yer Stuff

All you need is velcro (3/4" works best), scissors and a stapler. Mine's a red Swingline.

Step 2: Two Snips

Cut a length of fuzzy about 5" long. Cut a length of hook about 2 1/2" long.

Step 3: Two Staples

Velcro the two pieces together, with the longer piece about halfway up the short piece. Put two staples where they meet. I suppose one would work, but I use two for extra insurance.

Step 4: Get Wrapping

Attach one end of the cable as shown, wrap and tie cable, repeat.



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    i am currently doing sorta the same thing but both hook and fussy are the same length (5 inch) ill make some that are 7 inch for more cable i had a huge amount laying around from a friend so all free and im sewing them

    Ah velcro. The rich man's duct tape.

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    Or you can buy them already made at just about any hardware store. I think I paid under $5 for 50 in two different colors at Lowe's.

    Velcro ties at Lowe's

    1 reply

    thanks for the link--not a bad deal at all. I'm used to the prices at music stores, which range from crazy to ridiculous.

    Thats actually really clever, really simple yet effective. I have one of those on my cell phone charger cord and it works like a charm.

    Wow... almost as good as duct tape...