Picture of Velcro® Cord-Minders
I recently hosted a Home Depot House Party! I received a free party pack filled with supplies from Home Depot & Velcro®, including awesome Velcro® brand ONE-WRAP® straps. That Velcro® inspired me to create these cord-minders! I thought I'd post instructions here for fellow House Partiers! Let's get started!

- Velcro® brand ONE-WRAP® straps
- Paper key tag keychains from Home Depot (you'll find them near the key cutting machine! I bought a set of 25 for $5.25)
- Scissors
- A tape measure or ruler
- A permanent marker or ballpoint pen
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Step 1: Velcro® Cord-Minders - Measure

Picture of Velcro® Cord-Minders - Measure
Step 1: Using your tape measure or ruler, measure & cut your Velcro® ONE-WRAP® strap into six inch segments!

Step 2: Velcro® Cord-Minders - Label

Picture of Velcro® Cord-Minders - Label
Step 2: Label your key tag keychain with the name of whichever tech gadget cord you're going to use the cord-minder on. That way you'll always know which cord is which!

Step 3: Velcro® Cord-Minders - Add to Keychain

Picture of Velcro® Cord-Minders - Add to Keychain
Step 3: String one side of the Velcro® through the keychain on the key tag. I had to curve mine a little bit to make it fit, but don't worry, it'll still work just fine!

Step 4: Velcro® Cord-Minders - Loop

Picture of Velcro® Cord-Minders - Loop
Step 4: Using the side you just looped through the keychain, roll the velcro around it. Make sure there are two loops of Velcro® around the keyring, so that it's held tightly & securely.

Step 5: Velcro® Cord-Minders - Wrap cable!

Picture of Velcro® Cord-Minders - Wrap cable!
Step 5: Take whichever charge cord you're going to organize. If you're going to store or travel with your cord, you can coil it into a roll. Then take the long end of the Velcro® & put it through the center of the roll.
SparkySolar9 months ago